Weekend Savors: Bug Zoo, Pizza + Evening Fun

This weekend, I savored (through my iphone lens) a weekend filled with fun festivities since C + L's Mimi and Popi are here. C suggested that we take her Mimi and Popi to the Audubon Insectarium...AKA...the Bug Zoo.  Let's just say, my mom wasn't too thrilled, but she made it through.  My dad...well, he's a guy, so he loved it! :)

I'm not a big fan of bugs either, but C loves them right now and it's fun watching how excited she gets there. And, if you're ever in the NOLA area, you should go because it's a pretty neat place.

This time when we went, L got pretty into it.  Usually he's just people watching, but this time he noticed the ceiling fans.  They have HUGE dragon flies on them.  Too cute!

Yep...there's Mimi...she did great looking at the bugs.  And, of course, C had to sit on her friend the worm, like she always does. :)

We did our regular stop to drive the love bug mobile.   And soon after, she was able to wear some armor for the first time. :)

We love the neat bugs they have in the floor and L loved it, too!!  I think mainly because when you walk over it the lights change colors.  I'm pretty sure he'll be walking all on his own the next time we go for a visit.

My parents stopped to play a "catch the bee" game and C watched and then, very sweetly went up with them to watch.   Awwww! Pure sweetness!

The best part (for me!) of the bug zoo are the butterflies.  Aren't they just SO beautiful?  I could look at them forever.  I just love how nature has the most detailed patterns and designs that are filled with gorgeous color.  Truly amazing!!

The kiddos had a great time and I couldn't help but savor how they both slept on the drive home...are they siblings or what?   And, C wore her butterfly dress especially for her bug zoo visit. Love it!!

We made my parents the grilled pizzas we made a few weeks back.  This time we broiled them before they were served and we added some ricotta cheese too. Oh yes!! Divine!!

To end out the weekend, after L went to bed, C and my parents and I hung out on the patio and watched the sun go down (D was doing his fantasy football draft).  C found a HUGE ALLIGATOR cloud in the sky, which then, had all of us looking for cloud shapes in the sky.  SO fun!

Then she pulled out the ipad to show my dad her letters and I just couldn't help but savor the way the light hits her face when she does this in a dark place.

And, then, to end the long Labor Day weekend, I couldn't help but savor Venus.  It always amazes me how it looks like a huge star and last night, it really seemed like it was super bright than most.  But, it's been awhile since I've really savored it since my life is filled with busy mama duties, so I'm glad I was able to sit still for a bit to notice it.

So tell me...

What did you savor this weekend?

Life IS beautifully fun...SAVOR it up!

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