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Weekend Savors: Cooking, Resting + First Steps

Weekend Savors: Cooking, Resting + First Steps

Last week, C came down with a stuffy nose.  I kept her home on Tuesday, but thank goodness, she was still 100% her.  Playing and having fun and very upset she wasn't in school.  Like, crying mad!! I thought to myself, man, I gotta savor her loving to go to school because I know when she gets older it's gonna be hard getting her outta bed to make it on time for class. ;)

So, yeah, after that, I had her back in school, where I saw most of her little friends with the same stuffy noses.

Yep! We're now officially in the school sickness phase.  D ended up getting it next...and he got it the worst of all of us, but thank goodness it was only a head cold for him.

Saturday, after grocery shopping with the fam, I started to feel my throat hurting.

But, that didn't stop us from making dinner that night and savoring it through my iphone lens. :) 

I haven't made this side dish in quite awhile.  I like to call it, Quinoa Tabbouleh.  It really is the perfect summer dish.  So fresh and SO cooling.  Gotta savor it up now, because soon the weather's gonna turn colder and I'll be craving more warming, fall foods.  YAY! :)

I made the quinoa, chopped the cucumbers and red onion and shredded the carrots.  Then I waited for the kale to steam and the red and yellow peppers to roast.  Then I mixed it all together once everything was cooled down and then once it was officially ready to eat, I mixed a dressing that consisted of lemon juice, olive oil, minced garlic, parsley, sea salt and pepper.  Deeelicious!!

My husband thinks I'm SO weird when I do this, but I actually really LOVE sipping hot kale water.  Every time I steam kale, I pour the leftover water into my tea mug and sip it down.  It's so comforting and I really do enjoy the taste - especially when I knew I was coming down with the cold that C brought home.

As the day went on, my body ached more and I needed to rest.  So we made more chicken soup (this is the one I made earlier in the week and it's missing red potato and kale) and we rested.

And...if you follow me on Instagram...we also SAVORED lil' bro taking his FIRST steps!! YAY LUCA!!  We're SO excited!! :)

I'm happy to say, we're all feeling much better, with just a little bit of cold symptoms still lingering.  Whew!

But, we know this isn't the last of it because C has many more of months of school still to go this year.  ;)

So tell me...

What did you savor this weekend?

Life IS beautifully slow...SAVOR it up!

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