Savoring a Weekend of Cruising, a Swirly Drink + The Company Burger

Because the week is filled with hectic schedules and not as much family time as I'd like, I love love LOVE to SAVOR our family togetherness and family moments that I LOVE (through the lens) on the weekends. This is the most special time because we're all together the entire weekend and being with my family (and capturing ONLY what makes me stop with BIG, BIG smiles and fills me with happy tingles) is my number one passion of all.  

This weekend, I SLOWed DOWN to SAVOR (through my iPhone lens), my NEW Electra Townie bike!!  D was gone all week for work and he came home with this beauty for ME!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


A week of being a parent all by myself left me very, VERY exhausted.  The second I went for a ride ALL.BY.MYSELF (this is HUGE!! HUGE!! HUGE!! in my mama life right now...doing something ALL BY MYSELF for longer than 10 minutes...HUGE!!) I was immediately jolted into happy heaven.

Exhaustion?  What exhaustion??  Oh, I just LOVE that about bike riding.  It nourishes my soul like no other!!


But, lemme tell ya.  I waited 6 years for my bike.  Back when we were living in Williamsburg, VA, D and I went out for dinner and a movie.  Before the movie, we walked over to the bike shop (that we passed all the time!!) to finally test ride one of the bikes.  The moment I sat on the Electra townie, I was in LOVE!! I rode around the parking lot and I didn't wanna go back.  Heaven!!!

After that night, I put the exact bike, color and all, on my vision board.  Yes, that was 6 years ago!! And now I'm riding it!! The exact one!! Those visions boards are AMAZING!!

I also had on my vision board, a little family, walking in the park, a husband and wife, a big sister and lil' bro and black lab...and guess what my little family looks like now...the same thing, except we had Rusty, our yellow lab. Cool stuff!! 

So, yeah, Friday, I went out for a ride 3 times!!!  Each time I was smiling SO BIG while waving and saying hello to my neighbors.  I felt like a kid again and it was pure heaven!!

On Saturday, we ran errands in the morning and hung out in the afternoon.  We were all SO happy to have Daddy back! Especially this girl.

I couldn't help but snap her cuteness, looking all comfy, cozy and content while talking to her Daddy on the recliner.  

And, not only looking all comfy, but looking like a BIG GIRL!!  Oh, where have her toddler years gone???   I mean, really, how is she going to be 5 this August?  Bittersweet!!

Because I was exhausted from doing EVERYTHING while D was away, we did a lot of eating out on the town this weekend.

I told him I didn't wanna clean up ANYTHING in the kitchen!! Ha! 

Saturday evening, we checked out Cheddar's, a new place that opened in the area.  Have you tried it?  It was our first time.  I have to say, it was kinda nice not going to a restaurant that was geared more toward NOLA food.

But, at the same time, it was weird.  There's not many places around that don't offer po'boys, jambalaya and crawfish etouffee (my favorite!).  So this was a nice treat...and yes, that drink was mine. I hardly put a dent it, since I had my 4-year-old on my left and my 1-year-old on my right. Ha!


Once we got back from dinner, guess who was back out cruising??? Oh yeah!!

Not only am I one happy mama, because I get to go out and ride my bike ALL BY MYSELF!! But, since it's super hot outside and it's the only time of day that works for our parenting schedule, I get to cruise during the lovely time of seeing the sunset.  My FAVORITE time of day!!  Aaaaahhhhhh!!!

On Sunday, we headed down to the city for a family lunch date.  While driving down, I just couldn't get enough of her sweet, sweet talks in the back seat.  I could listen to her do this all day and night.  The best!!

This is the first time we tried The Company Burger and WOW it's SO, SO good!  WOW!!


D had read that it was voted one of the top 100 burger places in the country, so yeah, we just had to see if they were right.  And, yes!! Yes they were.

I didn't get a pick of the food because of trying to eat while keep my 1-year-old happy and content, but I did snap of pic of my daughter actually eating Luca's snack while waiting for our food...something she NEVER does anymore.

"Look, Mommy! An O!"

When we got our food, my first thought was, "this is going to be interesting," because I love lots of veggies on my burger.  This was only the burger, cheese, red onions and in-house made bread and butter pickles and then a mayo bar to walk over to and choose your selection from.  Of course, ketchup and mustard, too (located on the table).

As soon as I bit in, the deliciousness of the crispy pickles with the onion, the cheese, the burger patty and the bun...HEAVEN!!!  I was stuffed to the max about 1/2 way through, but I couldn't stop.  The taste!! WOW!!

And those veggies...didn't miss them at all.  But I was able to get a nice, dark, leafy green salad on the side, which was yummy as well.

If you're ever in NOLA, you gotta try The Company Burger.  So far, hands down, it's our #1 choice for a burger.  Next up would be Phil's Grill , Cowbell and then Barcadia.  

On our way home, I couldn't STOP staring at the way the sun was reflecting off the white clouds all while looking beautiful against the bright blue sky.  We've had SO much rain the past few weeks and this view was just gorgeous.  I couldn't get enough!!

And then, this girl, pretending to sleep while she was singing so sweetly, in her 4-year-old, voice, made me SMILE big!!

(all pictures taken with iPhone 5 and edited with the PicTapGo! App)

So what about you...

Did you SLOW DOWN to  SAVOR what you LOVE this weekend? Do you LOVE to bike ride like I do?  Love going out to local restaurants where the food just melts in your mouth while you're saying "MMMMMMMM...this is SO GOOD!!!"  like I do?  I'd love to hear!! 

Until next time...

Life IS love...SAVOR it up!