Weekend Savors | Little Helper, Good NOLA Eats + Colorful FUN

Because the week is filled with hectic schedules and not as much family time as I'd like, I love love LOVE to savor our family togetherness through the lens on the weekends. This is the most special time because we're all together the entire weekend and being with my family (and capturing it all) is my number one passion of all. :) This weekend, I SAVORed (through my iPhone lens), C helping her Daddy outside in the yard. I couldn't help but hang out in the window and just watch the JOY that filled her as she hung out, helping D out.

She was hammering with her toy hammer and then he let her use his.  Awwwwww!! She was one happy Camille!! LOVE!! :)


Later that afternoon, Luca had his fun with Daddy.  D kept sitting in front of him and then would lightly lean back on him and Luca thought it was HILARIOUS!!  SO.MUCH.JOY!!!!

That night, we got take-out from Kenny's Seafood.  We are SO spoiled living here.  I'm a HUGE crawfish lover and right now it's the season and they're HUGE and SO SO good.  We ended up getting 3 pounds of them, as well as an Oyster Po'boy, Fried Shrimp, a Boudin Ball and Crab and Corn Bisque.

I added a homemade salad and we topped it off with some Abita beers!  And, we were SO SO happy that our team moved on to the next round in March Madness. GOOOO GATORS!!  D and I used to camp out and wait in line in college so we could get seats in the Rowdy Reptile section.  Oh, we miss those days!! Rowdy Reptile for life!! :):)

The kids just played with the crawfish, or what C likes to say, CRAWLfish and they just munched on french fries and mac and cheese.

So all that yummy food was all for D and I...awwww yeah!! :):)

Sunday morning, the kiddos were having some fun playing together.  C was singing and Luca played a long with her.

C left and this little guy kept right on playing.  LOVE!! :):)

We had a plan of going down in the city to have lunch, go to the mall and then hit up Costco. Once we turned on the main strip, we noticed people out everywhere.

We had NO idea that Italian-Irish Parade was just about start.  We immediately left so we wouldn't get caught in all the fun.  This town...they LOVE their parades.  We can't keep up with them all. Ha! :)

We headed right over to  Costco.  Poor C!  She was a little upset because we were supposed to hit up the Disney store at the mall to get her some new FROZEN pajama's.  She said, "But we were there first...the parade was there was second...we can still go!"   Awwww.  :(

She didn't understand that we would have been trapped for hours if we had stayed around.

Once home, she found my notebook and my pen on my bed.  I couldn't help but SAVOR her big girl cuteness here.

Then Luca took a nap and C went to the store with D and I got in some doodling time. I tried to paint, but my mind was in a funk...I wasn't liking anything I was doing.

I decided to pull out my Koi Watercolors and man, I had SO much fun. It's amazing how much this doodle ALWAYS calms my mind.  SO SO awesome!! :)

Once they were back, C stayed out with D for quite a bit.  So I doodled and painted for as long as I could.  When I was just about done, she found me.  :):)  She saw my paints and wanted SO badly to try them.  For 5 minutes straight, she said, over and over again to me, "Please, Mommy! Can I try your paints? Please! Please, Mommy! Can I have a turn?  Please! Please, Mommy!"

Once I finished, I let her try, but it didn't last even 5 minutes because my brush was being pushed hard on the paper and my colors were starting to mix together.

I LOVE these paints, so I quickly cleaned up and we played out in the living room.  Good thing she wasn't too upset.  And, good thing there's materials for her 4-year-old self and there's materials for my mama-self, tucked away in safe keeping and that ONLY come out when I get some alone time. ;)

Once this guy woke up, D was grilling steaks for dinner.  I got to keep him busy so he didn't go out on the patio with a hot grill that looks fun to touch.  ;)

Then we all ate outside again.  This weather has been fabulous!! It's SO nice to get outside again.  Come on warm weather!! We're ready!! :):)

These two do what they do best...play and make each other laugh (and fight, too! Ha!).  She LOVES to run back and forth around him and tickle him.  So, so cute!!

After C's belly was full, we watched her have fun outside in the yard.  She was playing with Harry Potter out there.  :) I could watch her all day, using her imagination and having SO much fun out there.

I even got to SAVOR up my favorite time of day...sunset time!  Aaaaahhhhhh!!  What a great way to end the weekend. :):)

(all iPhone pics edited with the PicTapGo App)

So tell me...

What did you SLOW DOWN +  SAVOR this weekend?

Until next time...

Life IS so so good...SAVOR it up!