Weekend Savors: Party, Pizza, Walking + a Sunset

This weekend, I savored (through my iPhone lens) C's first tea party.  Her little friend from school celebrated her birthday at the neatest little tea house here in town.

C especially LOVED her chocolate tea...I'm pretty sure because it tasted like hot chocolate.  YUM! :)  But, I especially LOVED watching her and her little friends enjoy the fun that goes into a cute little girl tea party.  So fun!

We had some Whole Foods frozen pizza dough in the freezer for quite awhile now and we had some fresh basil that needed to be used, so we thought, "Hey!! Let's make our own pizzas this weekend!!"   We made it both Friday and Saturday night.  OH YEAH! SO GOOD!  Blogging recipe this week...stay tuned! :)

Baby bro started walking (with assistance) this weekend.  He took to it right away for the FIRST time and he LOVED every second of it.  I'm getting ready because he's not gonna need assistance much longer and that means I'm in TROUBLE!!! LOL! :)


I'm SO enjoying walking hand and in hand with him even if it's only for a few steps.  :)


I'm still SAVORING his teeny tiny cuteness playing in his big sisters room.  C LOVED (and still LOVES!) getting into this little space in her dresser.  I could watch him do this all day long!!

And, lastly, I snuck out on the patio last night, right after lil' bro was put to bed and big sister was occupied on the couch, to sit in some stillness and watch the beautiful colors of the sunset.  Something I haven't done in SO long and something I miss doing on a daily basis a lot!  Ahhhhhhh!! LOVE!

So tell me...

What did you SAVOR this weekend? 

Until next time...

Life IS beautifully awesome...SAVOR it up!