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Weekend Savors | Swinging, Sibling Love, Birthday Fun, Doodling + A Yummy Coconut

Weekend Savors | Swinging, Sibling Love, Birthday Fun, Doodling + A Yummy Coconut

Because the week is filled with hectic schedules and not as much family time as I'd like, I love love LOVE to SAVOR our family togetherness and family moments that I LOVE through the lens on the weekends. This is the most special time because we're all together the entire weekend and being with my family (and capturing it all) is my number one passion of all. :)You may have noticed that I didn't blog at all last week.  My parents were in town and I decided a break from the technology world would be good and so I could spend some quality time with my family.

I'm SO glad I did.  It was much needed.  I even stayed off Facebook (something I've been trying to do for months now) and Instagram, too for most of the week, too.

It was REFRESHING!! :):)

Because of that awesome, REFRESHING feeling, I'm still keeping Facebook off my phone.  When I do get on, I immediately take it off again.  I found that my mindset was SO much better being off of there.

It's hard, because I really LOVE connecting on social media.  There's SO much GOOD stuff on there. But, at the same time, it's SO easy for me to stay on there waaaaaay longer than I need to be.  And then I feel like crap.

Even though I was off, didn't mean I was "off" from picture taking.

So, because of my little break, I have lots of SAVORING from the past week and weekend.

This weekend (and week!), I savored (through my iphone lens), C swinging ALL ON HER OWN!! OMG!! When she first started Pre-K, she couldn't swing herself.  She needed lots of help.

Then, at her Spring Art Show at school, she showed me how she can swing all by herself now.  I was in happy tears.

She told me, "Mom!! It's all in your elbows!!"  LOL!

I sure do wish I could have been there to see her excitement when she swung all on her own.

So my parents, D and I took the kiddos to the park and she showed off her mad swinging skills.  AWWW YEAH!! Go C, go!! :):)

Lil' bro wasn't a big fan of the swing.  This was his first time trying it out and just like his sister, he was hesitant.

Throughout the week, we spent LOTS of time outside.  When C was outside playing in the backyard, and Luca was napping, my mom and I would sit and watch C have her fun.  Then, when the time felt right, I'd grab my doodle notebook to get my calm on.

She saw me and came running in demanding that she wanted a "big girl marker" and then she began to doodle on her own.  :)

On Thursday, these two were having fun looking for all the bugs in our patio.  My dad had cleaned the patio that morning, so it was shining bright and all the bugs were officially gone.

As they looked in that corner for the spiders, it was a sweet moment until they started bumping heads and then Luca grabbed C's hair and she started crying.  Oh, gotta love the sibling love!! :)

After C's crying moment was over and Luca was told NOT to pull C's hair, C went on her way and this guy had his fun running back and forth to my Mom and I.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE savoring his JOY (and his sisteres!)!!  It's ALWAYS written all over his face (and ours!!).

On Friday, these two had THE BEST drumming session.  As C sang along with her drumming, Luca would sing right along with her, drumming away as well.  SAVORING and lots and LOTS of smiles were had. :):)

Earlier that day, we went shopping at Michaels and we restocked some of the kiddos doodling supplies.  It's been awhile since I've pulled out the Crayola Twistables.  When C was one, I always pulled them out and let her go to town on the paper.

I LOVE how easy they are to mark the paper and I LOVE the JOY on their faces as they connect with the colors.

Yes, it's messy!!  And, it's not fun to clean once it gets on your carpet (I've learned the hard way, with C and Luca...yep!! Forgot to put the drop cloth down and was scrubbing away blue for a good 20 minutes).  But the doodling fun is priceless!! :)

That night, we celebrated my Mom's (29th!...she's been 29 since I was 16...Ha!) birthday with some grilled pizzas and birthday cake.  It's been SO long since we've grilled pizza's.  Man, it was GOOD!!

Then, while watching the sunset, and getting ready for birthday cake, C had one last doodle where she colored a birthday cake for her Mimi.  Awwwwww!! :)

On Saturday, we had plans to go to Phil's Grill for some AWESOME burgers.  Before we left, Luca started having his fun with our T-Ball set.  Oh man...I LOVED every bit of this!!  He had SO much fun hitting, chasing and putting the ball up, all of which he learned from his big sister!! :):)   SO SO CUTE!!!

Then big sister came and took over.  Yep...sibling love!! :):)

On our way down to the city, D got a work call and ended up working all day!! Grrrr!! His office is right by the restaurant, so we ate some yummy burgers while he worked.   Good thing I had extra hands to keep this little guy busy!  But, we sure did miss D!! :(

Oh, and while Lil' Bro was coloring away, sister was going under the table and then coming up back and telling us, "OH, I was just in the deep, blue sea. I'm soaking wet!!" while she pretended to dry off her face.  LOL!  LOVE!! :)

As we waited for D to come down from his office, the kiddo's had LOTS of FUN running around the park across the street.  Can you see sister in the back?  She was building sand castles while Luca explored steps and birds and doggies and art sculptures and...  :):)

Then we came home and chowed down some more birthday cake!! OH YEAH!! C was VERY happy about this! :)

And this little guy had his fun riding big sister's tricycle.  Pretty soon he's gonna need his own!! :)

Got my Selfie Sunday in.  He had just woken up from his nap (and I wanted to take one! ;) ).  Awwww!!! :):)

And then, these two came home from the grocery store with a coconut.  I couldn't help but SAVOR this cuteness as they sat outside to crack it open!!  OMG!! And the way she watches her Daddy...the best!!

(and please mind the smears on the door...those smears would be from a little boy named Luca...I was being sneaky by SAVORING and snapping this moment from inside...ha!)

She's a FAN of coconut!! HOORAY!! :):)

(all iPhone pics edited with the PicTapGo App and Instagram filters)

Life isn't about continuing to move as fast as you can to get everything checked off your to-do list.  Life's about allow time for living slow and truly BEing present with the ones you love and all the beautiful color that surrounds you.  It's about SAVORing what means most to your heart and what you LOVE!!

So tell me...

What did you SLOW DOWN to SAVOR what you LOVE (from the lens) this weekend?

Until next time...

Life IS what you LOVE...SAVOR it up!

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