Why I LOVE to Paint {Part 2}

Last week, I wrote about why I love to paint.  Well, today, I have an extension to share in regards to that post. I had painted an owl during C's quiet time and then later that night I played with it some more.  Well, if you read that post on why I love to paint, today's post suggest even more love to painting.

I really wanted to make the owl brighter and more fun.  So I painted over the colors so they'd stand out more.  I also painted over the blue that I painted for the part of the owl's head and just stuck to pink and an orange.

I played with the eyes more and then added dots around the outline (something I LOVELOVELOVE to do!).

See how different all three look?  Even though my left-brain was having issues with it...my right-brain got to play A LOT, which allowed me to have more fun and create more inner calm within myself.

When you're doing mindless-creative activity, your left-brain can't take over for long, which leaves you feeling refreshed, energized and HAPPY!

So, if you've been wanting to paint to destress, but have been SCARED to even try....I hope this shows you that it doesn't have to be perfect AND you always...ALWAYS get to paint over what you don't like.  COOL, right?

Until next time...

{life is colorful}