Yay For the Day of Love (and what it truly means to me)

Ah, Valentine's Day...the day I LOVE to call...the day of LOVE!

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When I was younger...in high school and college...I HATED this day.  I felt like such a loser because I didn't have a special someone to call my Valentine, even though, deep down, I really really REALLY wished I had.

But, for me, I wasn't very focused on boys back then...I mean, yes, I was focused on them and I wanted one to call my own, but I always said, I'd never date to just "date."  When the time came and I met a guy I REALLY REALLY REALLY liked, then I'd pursue.  (aren't you glad I chose you, D!! hehe!!  I am!! :):) )

So, every time, on this day, back then, I wouldn't really remember those thoughts, and I'd be bummed that I didn't have a Valentine as my roommate and her boyfriend, from high school, were leaving for romantic dinner date out on the town. I'll be honest, I'm glad we didn't have Facebook and all things social media back then, because then I would have really SEEN all those who were having their romantic fun when I wasn't. Oh man!!

Some say this day is fake...but I'd like to think otherwise.

Now that I'm older and I have my awesome Valentine and now two little Valentines...I see that this day isn't just a day for two lovers to go out to dinner and celebrate the LOVE they have for each other with delicious food and dessert...that it really is a day for so much more!!

Yes, getting a special day that reminds us to carve out special time and special gifts for our significant other (s) is wonderful, and I LOVE being able to do this for mine, but for me, what I truly LOVE about this day...this LOVE day...is that it's a beautiful reminder to FOCUS on all the LOVE that ALREADY fills my life...things that make my heart happy...fill me with joy...make me smile...and light up my life...on a daily basis.

Like how I wake up in my cozy, warm bed everyday to the sun shining through the windows. How my little guy is in his crib talking away. Food that fills my refrigerator and freezer that I can pull out and heat up really quick for a nourishing breakfast.  The way my kids go nuts with happy screams and giggles when their Daddy walks in the door after a long day at work.  And so much more!!

As life gets full of adult responsibilities...it can be hard to remember everything we LOVE in life.  Or, even remember WHY you love the people you do.

So for me, there's nothing better than taking the time to focus more on the things I LOVE in life.  Because when I focus more on what I LOVE I get more of what I LOVE back and to fill up my life even more with!!

One way that helps me keep this focus is having my camera in hand.

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Yes, the camera helps me capture what's truly important to my heart, but it also helps me keep the "what I LOVE feelings ALIVE in my heart...ALWAYS!!"

And when times get tough and I'm trying to survive my busy 6 am to 9 pm mama days and just YEARNING for a BREAK...5 minutes of quiet time PLEASE!!!! ;) ... I'm always pulled back to what's GOOD in my life.

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And, to me, that's what's most important...especially on this day!

When I look back at my younger self, I really had SO much more LOVE in my life even without a Valentine to call my own...

My parents supported me in every decision I ever made.  My parents paid for my school and my housing.  I had lots of friends.  I had a car to drive me to school (and by the beach, which always nourished my soul).  I had dreams...big dreams...that I kept focused on.  I went to the University of Florida...WOOHOO...big one here!!! Because I didn't think I'd ever go or get accepted to a top University...and I graduated!!! I had food on the table, air conditioning, heat, hot water.  I fell in love with techno music, laid back bars, live festivals, live music and danced my heart out!!  I started to let WHO I am shine...in baby steps that is! :)  And so much more!!

So as a parent, and as my kiddos grow older.  My intention is to teach them about this day...that this day isn't just about having a boyfriend or girlfriend to shower them with Valentine's gifts.

That really, this day is a reminder, to keep focusing all the GOOD that currently fills their life and to ALWAYS stay connected to everything they LOVE in their life (this will get harder to do when life responsibilities come more and more into your life).

LOVE starts with WHO you are inside!!  NOT outside of you!!

And when you focus on your INNER LOVES...your INNER GOODS...the one's that make you smile, have you vibrating with a natural, happy high and have you shining bright and you'll SEE all the LOVE already does surround you, outside of yourself, in this big, beautiful world, and, you'll know that life is pretty darn awesome (with or without a significant other).   And, trust me, when you're energy is vibrating high you'll attract the most amazing people (and person) and things to fill your life with even more LOVE at just the RIGHT time...so you don't have to worry or think your unlucky because you don't have a special someone in your life just yet.  (because this IS exactly what happened to me when I shifted MY focus from lack to love in this way!!)

So, yes, this day...this LOVE day...I don't think it's fake at all...it's just a reminder to live every day FOCUSED on the GOOD...the LOVE...that ALREADY fills up your life.

And, yes, if you LOVE chocolate and you LOVE flowers...go out and get some and SAVOR them up as much as you can!!  There's no rule that someone else needs to buy them for you, either!!

Keep shining bright and keep spreading the LOVE!!  Because that's all that really matters in life anyway!!

Something I wish was told (and modeled) to me in my younger days...but just like with everything in life, it may take time for them to truly understand this message...but, I'm hoping that now that I know what I know, they'll understand in less time it took me to.  :)

So, yes...YAAAAAAAAAAAY for the day of LOVE!!  Such an awesome, AWESOME, reminder!!!


Until next time... Life IS love...SAVOR it up!

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