Ease....Ahhh...just typing it helps me feel more calm.

If you read my last post,  you know that I chose two words for 2011 - creativity and nurture.

When I thought about last year and what I'd like to have this year, the word ease came to mind.

2011 was a wonderful year with little bits (oh, heck...lots!!) of stress mixed in.

The wonderful- watching my daughter explore the world as a one-year-old (and now a 2-year-old), taking her to the beach for the first time, having real conversations with her (for the most part - but I'm starting to understand her...yippee!), finding clarity around my business and writing a brand new program that consists of 12 sessions (this one is HUGE for me), reconnecting with a friend that I've known since Kindergarten (we hadn't spoken in 5 years - since my wedding...gesh, Renée...not good...but SO happy that we picked up right where left off!), celebrating Mardi Gras parent style (the other two times were college style - BIG difference!), finding an amazing babysitter who C adores, doodling more than I ever thought, painting more than I ever thought and falling more in love with photography than I ever thought.

The stress - having a dog who is always, and I mean ALWAYS! under my feet since having my daughter (he never was like this before having her), my husband leaving for trainings many-many times, struggling living away from family and friends (for the first time ever!) while learning how to be a mommy, finding time to stay connected to myself, my passions and my husband, wondering if I'm doing the mommy and wife thing right, grocery shopping with my toddler, cooking (yep...this started after becoming a mama!) and having neighbors who keep their (constant barking) dogs outside ALL DAY and EVENING and NIGHT (sorry...I'm trying really hard not to complain about this one!).

It's SO easy for me stay focused on the negative that's been happening in my life since becoming a mom.  I mean, don't get me wrong...I absolutely love being a mama to my sweet, Lil' C, but I never knew what homesick (and very little ME time) really felt like until this past year.  (I like to blame it on lack of sleep. Hehe!!)

But, I definitely am one who can make things feel like they're harder than they probably are. Um, check out this post I wrote if you don't believe me.   I realized that I can tend to live my life in an upstream kind of way.  When, in reality, it's actually going pretty good.  And because of that it's crazy for me to be so upstream.

I think as a mama, well for me anyway, caring for an infant/toddler, whom you want to protect and bring up right, makes the worrisome thoughts go off a little more.

There's SO much more for me to think about now (who would of thought...didn't I already have enough to think about before becoming a mom? ha!).

And because of that, I want to make sure that what I'm thinking is thought with ease and what I'm doing is taken action on with ease.  

When I live life with more ease, more calm, more gratitude, more positivity...life is easy (downstream).  

When I live life with more control, more worry, more anxiety, more fatigue...life is hard (upstream).

Don't'cha think?

This year, I'm making a commitment to remember my word ease....again, just typing it makes me feel...ahhhhhhh! Gosh, I love that! :)

I have many things I want to accomplish and put out in the world this year and I especially want to do it all with ease.

Those things involve my family, myself and my business.

This year I want to easily...

❀ get my do-it-yourself email courses up and running.

❀ get my e-course up and running (with the first round being a pay what you can afford price point, so I can get feedback and tweak it up where needed).

❀ run my e-newsletter on a consistent bi-weekly basis again.

❀ offer a brand new FREE gift (that is e-mail automated) that comes with my e-newsletter sign-up.

❀ blog on a more consistent basis with how-to articles, personal stories, struggles and triumphs as a mama and lots and lots of colorful inspiration.

❀ transition my daughter from diapers to the potty.

❀ transition my daughter from crib to big girl bed.

❀ cook more.

❀ remember to menu plan.

❀ find an awesome preschool that both my daughter and I love (the teacher in me has a hard time with this one).

❀ love cooking dinner again (I used to love cooking everything. Well, enter 2011 and I began to loathe cooking dinner.  Breakfast was still good and lunch, too...but dinner...lol...that was the craziest time to cook this past year with a running toddler around to keep me on my toes.).

❀ stay connected to myself and my passions.

❀ stay connected to gratitude and positive thinking.

❀ create more "date nights" with D.

❀ love how the homes in our neighborhood are SO close together and it feels like their dogs live with me and bark right in my ear.  ;) ;)  (I can't believe how much I struggled with this one in 2011...this year, I have to change my outlook on this...I'm hoping my one neighbor is able to find homes for their 13 puppies that their 2 older dogs had together a few months back (and who stay outside all day and bark at us when we go outside) and my other neighbor brings her LOUD BARKING golden retriever and their 4 barking chiwawa's who bark when the BIG golden barks (especially right when I open (or even touch) our back door inside more often (yes, I'm surrounded by 19 dogs, oh and not to mention the new dog that moved in across the street and barks for about an hour or so in the evening...OK...OK...I'll stop now!! ease...ease....ease...).  :)

❀ and a few other things that I'll let you in on in a few months or so. :)

So there it is...my word for 2012.  I'm SO happy with it!!  It FEELS so good for what I intend for my life right now.

So, with that, I'll keep you posted on all my "ease" plans that I listed above.  Wooootothehooooo, 2012!!!!



Did you pick a word for 2012 yet?  If so, I'd love to hear what you chose?  2012 Word of the Yearers UNITE!!  

Until next time...

{life is ease...ahhhh}






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