About Me Page {UPDATED!}

I've been spending lots of time behind the scenes writing and getting more connected with my true mission and passion behind my site and what I'll be sharing with the world. With that, I finally updated my About Me page with my message that explains where I'm heading.    I thought I'd post it here so you can get a glimpse of my journey and where I'm a headed with my site.  Enjoy! Hi, I'm Renée Yemma and I'm the founder and director of this blogsite, and I inspire creative soul mama's to slow down and easily CREATE inner calm with food, photos and doodles so life doesn't continue to feel so stressful. With everything that comes with mommyhood and life, it can seem crazy to allow yourself to stop and take it easy (even just for one minute!) when there's SO much to do (and boy, do I know how hard this can be!).  But with new awareness around food and a simple, easy and fun way to calm your daily "to do" list mind, it can be much easier than you think.

I help you to easily reconnect with your inner creative juices and sparks (yes, you have them...I promise!) and, at the same time, melt away the stress after a very long and overwhelmed day.

We've all heard the ways we should relax away stress; yoga, mediation, walks in nature, etc.  Those are all great, but  I'll show you the #1 calming mind and body technique that is easy, fun, colorful and is rarely ever talked about.

I bring new awareness to how you think and feel about food (and you may even lose some weight, too! Oh yeah!).

I provide simple and fun ways to pamper yourself that doesn’t include expensive trips to the spa.

And most importantly, I create a safe place for you to say, “I AM CREATIVE!” even when you think you aren’t and never think you can be.

I’ve had quite the adventure so far.  But my greatest adventure of them all has been mommyhood.

Before having my daughter, I was spending a good portion of my life focused on the  “health” and "nutrition" side of food, how to keep doing cardio so I didn't gain weight and how to figure out what my true passion was.

When my daughter was one, big (positive!) changes occurred.  I was tired of my head spinning from all the nutrition information that I chose to saturate my mind with and I was ready to stop focusing so heavily on food in a “health” way. I realized that I didn't want to model this heavily one-sided view of food to my daughter as she grew up.

I wanted to focus more on the “creative itch” that was tugging at my heart strings since my 2nd trimester with my daughter.

Creativity became my calling, but I had no idea where to even start. I never thought I was creative, but something in me knew I needed to embrace it so I could not only reconnect with it for myself, but also to show my daughter how to keep it alive in her life, way beyond her “kid” coloring years, so she doesn't lose touch with it like I did many years ago.

Before I knew it, I was soaking up a new awareness of what it means to live life with balanced left and right brain thinking.  This new information led me to walk away from viewing and educating food in a “nutrition”  or, what I like to call, a very heavily "left brain" way and walk toward viewing food and life in a more balanced, fun and “creative” or, shall I say, "right brain" way.

With this new path, came something I had been trying to do and find for years. I had finally discovered the missing link to easily calming my mind down.  And because of this, I became a Certified Creatively Fit Coach, so I could share this awesome message with others.

Reconnecting with my inner creative child again brought me a new awareness around food and life.

It helped me uncover my unique skill of working with you so you can be shown how to slow down and allow yourself to easily create a colorful calm after a very saturated, multi-tasking filled day.

I've now dedicated the rest of my professional life to helping other women, moms and creatives, to easily create calming fun with food, photos and crayons all while running a always sometimes hectic household.

Prior to raising my family, I received my Journalism degree from the University of Florida (Go Gators!).  Soon after, I received my Elementary Education degree with ESOL Endorsement from Florida Atlantic University.  I was a substitute teacher on Guam and taught 2nd and 3rd grade in Florida and also taught K-12 ESOL in Virginia.  I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University in New York City and a Certified Creatively Fit Coach from Whitney Ferré and Creatively Fit.  And lastly, I like to call myself a Doodling Artist and an Aspiring Professional Photographer. :)


Renée is a thirty something mother to her beautiful one year old daughter and her feisty and fun yellow lab. Wife to a United States Coast Guard lawyer. Daughter to two wonderful parents.  A passionate cheerleader for slowing down and calming the left-brain "thinking" or "to-do list" mind through doodling, drawing and painting. Lover of capturing the beauty of the world through photography, writing, food and anything zen.    She currently resides in Louisiana, but was born and raised in South Florida.  She has also lived on Guam and Virginia.