Check Out My Blog's Fresh New Look

This week, I took the time to re-design my blog.  A few weeks back, I started feeling a little urge inside that I wanted to freshen up my site design. A few days later, my friend Tracy, sent me an email letting me know about a new blog course, called Blog Life , that just came out from girls over at A Beautiful Mess Uh, do you follow them?? Do you use their awesome photo app?  Aren't they just AWESOME!?

I've read SO much on blogging and I was pretty much done with buying anything else on the topic, but once I saw what they were offering, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to read about how they got to where they are today.  I LOVE reading material like that from others who inspire me SO much, don't you?

As I was reading through one of the first lessons, I came across one section that said, "start with where you are."  Meaning, if you're a college student, you really shouldn't be blogging for women in their 30s, you should be blogging for college girls, your age.  And, if you're a mom, you should blog for other moms, who are living similar lives as you.

I've heard messages like this in the past, but for some reason, in that moment, when I read the words, "start with where you are" it made 100% total sense than ever before!

I immediately opened up my blogsite and I looked at it and thought...

"Uh, Yeah! When it comes to the look of my blog, it mainly showcases doodling. Something that I'm struggling to get more time to do right now.  Yes, I doodle and my kids doodle, but it's not something I can do for long periods of time right now.  Oh, how I wish I could though!!  And, when I look at the content, it showcases more of my photography, than my doodles, right now.  I do want the main focus to be my photography and I'm NOT doing that right now. I definitely blog for moms like me, but the look doesn't represent that as much as I'd like. I need to change things up to represent exactly WHO I am right now!!"

After that, everything started to come together in the most amazing way.

I knew my time was limited, because my daughter only has 2 weeks of school left.  I started looking at templates.  Found a few I liked and then narrowed it down to the one I LOVED the most.  Bought it and then immediately started tweaking it to my liking.  My plan: get it up and running by Friday, which is today!  I had it up on Wednesday!  Woohoo!

But, I will say, on Monday, right before buying the template I wanted,  I sat looking at my computer stuck as ever because I knew I wanted something simple, but with having SO many different topics on my blog, I wasn't sure how to showcase them in this simple way that I wanted.

I started to feel heavy and my motivation started to decline.  I looked at my current site and I started to feel sad because I really wanted it to represent WHO I am right now in my mama that meant changes needed to come, but I wasn't sure how to get there.

I called my mom and talked out my struggles out with her while she listened (because this blog talk is jiberish to her...ha!) and suddenly a vision came to me for how I want to display my categories on my sidebar.  The next day, I figured it all out and everything started to flow beautifully.

Whoa!!!  I LOVE it when that happens!! 




I'm SO happy because now my site is SO much easier to navigate.   Which means, it's SO much easier to know what topics I focus on and it's way easier to find topics of interest.




And, the best part, it's showcasing EVERYTHING I LOVE to blog about.


LucaBlocks1_699 Before this, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to get more doodles on the blog, because I thought that was my blog's purpose and theme for my future self when my kids are in school full-time.

But, now, again, after reading, "start with where you are" I now have a site that allows me to showcase just that.

Right now, in my busy mama life, I LOVE to stay connected to WHO I am and what I LOVE.  And that comes through in my photography, my mama life, my family time, my doodles, my kid's doodles, nature's beauty and yummy food.

And most of all, I use my camera AND creativity to SLOW DOWN and SAVOR and focus on what I LOVE.

It's the same content, just a new look!  And to me, my blog has to look and feel like ME, because it really is my second home, ya know?

Oh, and I even wrote up a new About Me page.  I'll be showcasing it as a blog post next week, but if you wanna check it out now, go right ahead.  I don't mind.

So, if you haven't been over to my site in awhile, I'd love to have ya!


I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment with a link to your blog so I can check out all the amazing things you do and add YOU to my blog reader. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all the awesomeness that makes up the blogging community!!


Until next time...

Life IS what you LOVE...SAVOR it up!






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