Get Your F.R.E.E. Facebook Tips!

Are you on Facebook?  

Well...guess what? I am! LOL!

Nah, but seriously, I wanted to share with you the NEW tips and tools that I'm sharing over on my Calm Mama page.

Every Monday through Friday I'm now posting...

❀ a daily quote

❀ a morning Calm Mama tip (which is different for each day but revolves around doodling, movement (my word for exercise), self-care, photography and food)

❀ an afternoon tip that revolves around helping us mama's create more calm

❀ and then lots of personal fun in between.

Here's an example of one of the tips I posted on doodling.

I make sure to add fun pictures, too!  Gotta have those visuals.  :)

So if you're not following me on Facebook yet and you wanna join in the Calm Mama fun over there, click LIKE today so you can enjoy all my F.R.E.E. tips ASAP - oh, and I'd love to hear your tips, too, so leave them on my wall whenever you'd like! :)

Don't have any tips to share, then just say hello, ask me a question, share you're page if you have one and just help build this wonderful calm mama community!  

See ya over on Facebook (oh, and don't worry, my blog will still be going strong, too!).

Until next time...

{life is beautiful }






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