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It's filled to the max with lots of wonderful information on WHY I do what I do when it comes to getting my creative, calm self on. But, most importantly, it's a book that'll inspire you as to WHY (and HOW!) using mindless, creative activities is SO amazingly powerful to do when you're feeling stressed, frazzled, exhausted and unhappy from all the mama-demands life provides.

If you're a mama, who's tried everything to get your "calm" on, but you're still struggling, check out this section of my FREE ebook...


My ebook will inspire you to EASILY calm your busy mama self in a way you probably haven't heard of before!  It's a REFRESHING message that doesn't require lots of money to be spent at a spa or a gym AND, the best part of all, it's super FUN and you can do it daily, in 10 minutes or less!

The reason why this message is SO different (and refreshing!!) than from anything you've heard of before, is because it has to do with something like this...


And this...


So after lots of background information, that's written in a fun and colorful way, I take you, step-by-step, like this...



to help you CALM the frazzle so you can BE the happy + present mama you're meant to BE!!  We all came into this world calm, happy + present and YOU can BE a calm, happy + present person again.

Sure, life is always going to bring stress + things to NOT be calm about, but it's when your life is filled with colorful + creative activities, like the one I show you HOW to do in my FREE ebook, those stressors and not-so-calm thoughts aren't SO loud and they don't dominate our life so much anymore.

The more activities you do like this, the more balanced you are and the better you feel, from within!

So there's a little peek into what's inside my FREE ebook.  And, trust me, there's SO much more yummy information inside for you.

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