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I'm SO excited to share that I have my FREE e-newsletter, "Innergizing Thoughts" (it used to be called "Tasty Tid-Bits" when I first started out), back up and running again. I've also updated my free "101 Ways To Add More Creative Innergy To Your Life" that can be instantly downloaded when you subscribe, too!

Not only have I added new colors to the site, colors that are currently inspiring calm and inner happiness in my life right now, but I've also added the new "Color Your Inbox With Freebies and Fun News" under my welcome message in the sidebar to the right ---------------->.  You'll need to scroll down some to view it.

If you're interested in receiving my biweekly innergizing thoughts, current events and courses, and just lots of colorful, creative innergy tips, tools and thoughts, then be sure to subscribe, either below, to the right, or up above under the "FREEBIES" tab.  (LOL! Yes, there's lots of options for you!).

For those of you who are already on my newsletter list, don't worry.  I'll be sending the updated "101 Ways To Add More Creative Innergy To Your Life" to you in the next, upcoming newsletter.

I'm SO excited to have this back up and running again.  And, most importantly, I thank you for taking time out of your day to visit me here and read all my *colorful* and not so *colorful* posts. :)

I hope you'll enjoy my newsletter, too! :)

Here's what you can find under my new Newsletter + Freebies tab:

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"Innergizing Thoughts" is a biweekly e-mail newsletter for creative soul's (that's EVERYONE!) who want the SECRETS on how to tap into their creative juices again, all while creating more calm and innergy in their lives with savoring foods, fun photos and colorful doodles.  (valued at $97 per year)

Not only will you learn the SECRETS, but you'll also be updated on upcoming classes and events and you'll receive many, many FUN, TASTY and COLORFUL surprises like:

  • up-to-date creative nutrition information.
  • tips on how to balance your overwhelmed thoughts around food and how to savor each and every bit.
  • education on how to balance left (overwhelm) and right (calm) brain thinking.
  • recipes on how to cook delicious foods.
  • how to create a safe place to tap into your unique creative juices again and finally have the confidence to say, "I AM CREATIVE"!
  • slow down with "photography" tips.
  • tools on how to pamper yourself and feel good about it.
  • ...and so much more!

Feel free to scroll down and read some of my archived newsletters to see if this is something that may be of interest to you. My treat! :)

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