Happy 2012!

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Is it really going to be 2012 tomorrow? 

I mean, weren't we just ringing in the year 2000?  LOL!  For me, it truly feels like it.

Just like every year, 2011 brought ups and downs.  But I'm SO grateful I decided to chose a word for 2011, instead of resolution (s).  I ended up choosing 2 words- creativity and nurture - and looking back, I see how they helped me stay connected to myself, even when times were tough.

I re-read the post today for the first time since I posted it (that was super fun).  I noticed that I definitely did some of the things I stated (and some I didn't):

~ I DID reconnect with my inner creative child again.  This was a biggie!! I doodled and painted more than I ever thought I could.

~ I DID complete an art journal for the first time in my entire life.

~ I DID a doodle challenge to help calm my thoughts (but didn't quite get to 21 days - but did get to 15 days!! HUGE for me!

~ I DIDN'T take as many pictures as I'd like to, but I am happy to say that I took more at the end of the year thanks to my doodle challenge and picture the holidays! :)

~ I DID add some major CREATIVE flair to my nutrition program BUT I'm happy to report that nutrition really isn't the key point anymore...food is a part of it, but now with a colorful, right-brain flair...a flair that represents my new name, The Calm Mama!  OH YEAH! More on this in 2012.

~ I DID reconnect with my gratitude journal again.

~ I DID play with my daughter a lot and definitely went to bed earlier than I did in 2010.  HUGE!

~ I DID go on walks in nature.

It's nice to look back and see that I did accomplish some of my intentions because it's really easy for me stay focused on what I didn't do. 

~ This year I found myself wishing that my daughter's teeth would come in fast (and realized that teething in our house was like a roller coaster ride that lasted longer than 9 months of pregnancy and 12 hours of labor and 6 weeks of after labor recovery...ha!)

~ I had many times when I thought I was drowning as a mother because I couldn't figure out how to keep my toddler entertained.

~ I had many times when I didn't think I'd ever reconnect with the person I was before becoming a mother.

~ And many more...

When I look back on it all, I survived and I'm definitely a stronger mama because of each and every event that occurred this past year.  

So this day...the last day of 2011...I raise my glass to you...to me...and to all the mama's out there....because when things seem tough and a few calm moment breathers just aren't anywhere around...in the end we always...ALWAYS come out stronger and a better mama to everyone around us!


Cheers and HAPPY 2012!!






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