I'm back!

Hey everyone!  Remember me...Sante Living!?  :)  Well, I'm back!  Same person! Same content (well, it's just way more juicier now!).  Different name! I am now just Renee Yemma.  No more Sante Living! It's been a little over a year since I have put a pause on my holistic health business.  The reason?  I had a precious, baby girl. I've been on maternity leave and enjoying every minute.  In my spare time, I have been moving my old website (santeliving.com) to this new website (reneeyemma.com)  and I've been enjoying learning Photography on the side.  If you'd like to see my Photography site that I just started, it's located at:  http://www.reneeyemmaphotography.blogspot.com

So, what's going to be happening over here!  Well, right now I'm going to be blogging and soon I'll get my e-newsletter back up and running. Fun stuff!  I am still in the process of adding all my recipes from my other site. There will be lots of goodies to be shared!  I'll be blogging about everything, but this time I get to add a new twist...being a mommy!  So I'll be blogging about self-care, holistic nutrition, whole foods, movement, gratitude...anything!

I will be starting up fan pages for this site and my photography site, so be on the look out for those if you're interested in getting instant updates when the sites are updated! I'm so excited to reconnect with you! Woohoo!  You rock!

I'll leave you with a beautiful picture of my husband and our baby girl.  Enjoy!