I'm Finally Taking A Facebook Break This Summer

Oh, Facebook!  I love you and I don't love you. When I first signed up and made my profile YEARS ago, you were fun.  I LOVED connecting with past friends whom I lost touch with and I LOVED connecting with new, awesome people who are spreading lots of love and light into the world.  I still do to this day!

Camille laughed at this picture and said, "You're funny, mom!"  LOL!  


But these past few years, I've noticed that you're starting to become a place that looks a lot like a newspaper and the 6 o'clock news.   Two things I gave up in my life several, SEVERAL years ago.

I'm someone who gets emotionally moved, big time, when hearing things in the world that are fearful and scary.  My life is SO much better without constant "news" chatter in it.  If I need to know something going on, I always find out.  But my life, is way better without hearing about all the negativity in the world 24/7.   And, Facebook, I'm sorry, but this is kinda what you're turning into for me. Makes me sad, because I really LOVE being on there.  

My relationship with you has been SO much like a roller coaster ride.  I tell myself to break away for a bit so I can rest my mind and focus more on real life happening right in front of me, but then I go right back to scrolling my newsfeed over and over again.

Deep down, I know it's because of all the awesome connections I've made through you.  Connections I want in my life.  Connections that uplift me and bring me joy.  But now, I see, that those connections are starting to become buried deep because they aren't showing up in my newsfeed anymore.

And what's showing up the majority of the time is what's "wrong" in the world, something I haven't chosen to see, but for some reason, am, because of your settings. And, trust me, I've hidden many, many things from my feed, but I still can't stop seeing it.

I've tried, twice, to break away for a bit by changing my password so I can reconnect to myself, but, both times, I ended up right back on, checking out status updates, the very next day.  Oh, Facebook, why, oh why are you SO addicting??? ;)

The second time, I had D change my password and then tuck it away for safe keeping, but then he lost the paper and I found it next to our computer chair the next morning.  So, yeah, you can only guess what happened next???

But, as of last night, I'm ready.  I'm ready to see what my life will be like for a bit without having the constant call to "check my Faceboook" feed and page throughout the day and night.

When I changed my password and gave it to D, for super duper, safe keeping this time, I felt great!! I know, this time, I'm READY!!

But, a few minutes later, I felt scared.  Like I'm going to lose all connection to the outside world, connection to my friends and family, connection to all those I follow who bring SO much love and light to the world and connection to spreading my uplifting inspiration, something I absolutely LOVE doing.

And, most of all, a fear that my blog won't grow because I'm not using Facebook as a platform to connect with other bloggers and others who would be interested in reading what I have to say here.

Me2Isn't it amazing how I've allowed myself to think Facebook is the only way to stay connected like this these days? Crrrrazy!! I don't need Facebook to stay connected. Gesh!! 

What I connected with the most, is the more time I spend on Facebook these days, the more I'm losing connection to myself.  And right now, in my life, I see that the most important thing I need to do for myself is to get off Facebook so I can use that time to focus more on nourishing my inner, most self.

Something D has been telling me to do for quite some time now (he's not on FB and never will be) but I haven't chosen to listen to, until now. I know, in the end, and I'm LOVING life without Facebook, he's going to give me a big o'le  I TOLD YA SO!!! 

So this summer, I've set my intention to just BE with ME (and my little family) without Facebook.  


When I woke up this morning, I had lots and lots of urges to "check" Facebook real quick.  I was like, "Man, this is gonna be hard!!" Especially since I've been "checking" it for over 6 years now.

But, while doing my yoga stretches this morning, in my quiet house, I heard my deep, inner voice say, "you're doing the right thing!"  

I'm excited to see what my life will be like without Facebook in it for a little bit.  I'm not sure how long I'll be off.  My plan is to stay off all summer, but we shall see.

I have HUGE, tingly feelings, that in the end, this is going to be best thing I could have EVER done for myself (especially my mind!). Because to me, Facebook is seeing everyone's thoughts every second of the day.  And because of that, my mind is overflowing with way too much information.

My mind and my soul need to get slow and focus only on what really matters in my life; my kids, my husband and my inner most passions.

Crossing my fingers that I can last until August.  But, because I'm SO ready to put my soul nourishment first, I think this time, I'll last more than a day.

Woohoo!! Let's do this!!

Have a great summer, Facebook!  See you in the fall. (and, don't worry, I'll be posting all about how my journey away from crackbook is going!)

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, check out Melody from Brave Girl's Club, video she made during her 90 day break from Facebook back in 2011, called Cool Whip Diet.  When I first watched this back then, I SO got what she was saying, because everything she's saying IS exactly what's happened to me.  Even back then I knew I needed break!!  This video is GREAT!! :):)


What about you?

Have you ever taken a break from Facebook?  If so, how did it go?