I'm So Tired Of...

food being judged. food being labeled.

foods that are considered "good" and "bad" for you.

foods for weight loss.

foods for longer lives.

foods to eat that'll grow hair faster.

foods to eat for more energy.

foods you shouldn't and should eat.


I'm SO tired of...

head spinning "nutrition" thoughts.

trying to "figure" out what to eat.

external nutrition messages that say, "My way is the way to eat! No! My way is the way! No! My way! No! My way! No! Mine! Mine! Mine!"

once I've "figured it out" the "rules" change AGAIN!


But, here's what I'm NOT tired of...

the beauty of food.

how food brings my family and friends together.

how I get to eat the most beautiful and vibrant colors...SO fun!

how there's SO much meaning behind food.

how food connects us all.

how food represents every country on Earth.

how food creates traditions and memories.

how food is a fabulous piece of art.

how food is creativity.

how food is love.

how food is one of the most beautiful things we get to LIVE with EVERY single day of our lives.


So, with that said...

I'm happy to announce that I'm back after my time away on creative bedrest. These two months have really been an real eye opener for me. I wrote my little heart out, but each day, my "creative nutrition love fire" was slowly diminishing.

Each day, after writing, I felt drained. I felt tired. I felt unhappy.

The "spark" that I used to have when writing my "nutrition" content wasn't anywhere to be found.

Each day, I tried to FEEL that spark again, but, it just wasn't there.

And, because of this, I knew I was ready to walk away from the nutrition world that I've been apart of for many, many years.

A few weekends ago, I finally realized this and I felt pretty bummed and mainly just confused as to what I wanted to do.

That same weekend, CreativeLIVE, an online photography learning website, that I absolutely LOVE and spend lots of quality time on, was having a course on food photography taught by Penny De Los Santos (which, by the way, I had no idea who she was before that weekend).

My friend Tracy sent me the link a few weeks earlier. I was intrigued, but not FULLY intrigued.  I was over food and all it's mixed messages and I was ready to leave and not look back. I was ready to end my conversation about food, because deep down, I knew my heart wasn't there anymore, and I knew I didn't want to teach "mixed" messages to others.

So that weekend, when I found some time, I caught bits and pieces of the LIVE class, because I was a little bit curious. I found myself getting excited, because, one, I absolutely LOVE photography, and, two, because I still felt giddy about all this amazing food talk that was going on (even though food and I were broken up!).

Tracy also introduced me to one of the class participants. She is a Registered Dietician. When I checked out her website, One Haute Plate, read her story, and viewed the video she created for CreativeLIVE, I was completely blown away.

The way she explained "nourishment" and "nutrition" was EXACTLY how I've been feeling since getting pregnant. I've been struggling with the words to explain this for months. She totally nailed it for me.

I knew, at that moment, I was meant to connect with her website and her message.

She basically stated that her heart had walked away from her hospital job and she wanted to shine a new light on food.

WOW! For months I've been saying to myself, "I just need to focus on the BEAUTY of food. And, I just need to focus on my passion for photography."

But, I kept moving backwards instead of forwards with this message.

As I watched and read more about Penny De Los Santos and her weekend course at CreativeLive,  the more I fell in love with her and her MEANING behind food and photography.

She inspired me to see that I've been burying my TRUE LOVE for food for years.  For years my TRUE LOVE for food has been hiding under all the "nutrition" rules that I've chosen to fill my head with.

It was then, when I realized, how can I be truly be loving food when I'm still labeling it, judging it, and fearing it. Even as I promote wholesome foods!

I realized that I was filling my world up with negative food thoughts (even though I thought they were positive). I had to stop reading about what's WRONG with food. I had to stop focusing on the "bad" things that's happening to food these days. I had to stop watching food documentaries and reading articles and even hide some of my nutrition friends status updates on Facebook.

I finally saw this new message that's been trying to come out and voice it's self to the world through me and my journey so clearly. The message that ALL food is truly beautiful.  That ALL food is amazing (and I know I will have many opinions on this one, but that's OK.  This is where I'm at in my life right now and I've finally reconnected with the most beautiful meaning behind it again)! That food is joy! That food is delicious. That food is art. And that food is the most beautiful connector.

So, I've made the decision to walk away from viewing food as a label. From viewing food as a weight loss promoter. From viewing food that will decrease disease.  From viewing food as a hair growth promotor.  From viewing food as an artery clogger.  From viewing food as a way to get more energy. From viewing food as a weight gainer.  And, most importantly, from viewing food as a "nutrition" rule.

I know that this food loving type isn't for me. I don't feel it inside. It doesn't jazz me up. It doesn't fill me with passion and it doesn't fulfill me in no way, shape or form.  What it does is just bring me down and leave me even more confused than ever before.

And, yes, I know all of this information is very educational and can help (believe me, I've spent YEARS saturating my brain with it all). But, for me, and where I am in my journey of life, I need to walk away from the negative (and yes, educational) food messages, and I'm ready to walk toward spreading the message that ALL food is beautiful.

Because I believe this is the way life is meant to be lived.

And, the way I'm going to do that, is through my camera and my writing.

I've made the choice to walk toward my true passion in life (which I think is truly the most nourishing way to live!).

I'm now 100% focused on my true passion for photography and spreading the positive message about the REAL beauty of food to others.

It's amazing what a creative bedrest does for the soul! :)

Now, I know you may follow me because you want to learn about "nutrition" and how to better yourself in that way. I won't be upset if you stop following me. I truly understand. I can even lead you in the right direction if you want to learn more educational information on whole food eating. I have many resources and friends who are passionate about that message.

But, I can tell you this.  I will still be teaching some of that information, but just in a new bright and shiny light.

If you really want to connect deeper with ALL food. Release all food rules. Listen to your inner food wisdom, and just live life truly enjoying food. Then stick around, because I think you'll really dig my message that I'm excited to share.

It's time to truly love food, live life creatively and live life with passion.

And that's what life is all about for me!

And with that, I want to leave you with what's to come! I have so many ideas brewing inside and I'm excited with what's going to evolve here on reneeyemma.com.

So, here's one of them! :)

I'm mean, just look at the beauty below. I ate this for breakast this morning. I was craving something cool and refreshing. It's been awhile since I've bought cottage cheese. I pulled it out and thought, "Oh, I'll have it with some strawberries and walnuts."  Then I saw I had some cherries. I cut some up and it just added the most delicious flavor and color.

I then sat down and ate this with my Little C (and doggie brother, Rusty, under our feet). We sat there the entire time saying, "Mmmmm...yummy...yummy!" 21 month old conversation is the best! By the time we were finished, I was cleaning up Little C's hands and her plate fell over onto the floor. There was cottage cheese on Little C, Rusty and I. It was in Little C's hair. On Rusty's ear and on my shoe.

I totally laughed. Breakfast brought big smiles this morning and it created the most wonderful memory for me.

Food has amazing way of doing that, don'tcha think? :)

When I look at this picture,  I SEE the REAL beauty behind it all.  The vibrant red color that brightened my morning. The smile on my face while preparing this meal. And how it brought my daughter, dog and I together, in one spot, for some awesome quality togetherness time that mostly involved toddler talk and laughs (and not to mention that I'm modeling to her that food is SO delicious, too!).  It truly made me STOP and VIEW the BEAUTY of it all.  And most importantly, it created a wonderful memory that will always stay with me for many years to come.

So, I hope you'll stick around!  I'm SO happy to be back, and, honestly, finally listening to my message within and taking action on it.  :)

Until next time...

{food is beautiful}

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