{Friday BEATS} Memory Tapes - Bicycle

The one thing I haven't talked much about here on my blog is my love for music.  If you know me, you know that I'm a huge music lover.  I actually interviewed bands when I was studying Journalism in college and I wanted to work for Rolling Stone after graduating...as you can see, Rolling Stone didn't work out, but my love for music never left me. :)  Music has literally been a part of my life for many, many years.  The Beastie Boys was my first tape I bought when I was in middle school (something my husband and I have in common, too!). Now, I don't play music, I just dig groovy (not played much on the radio - although I love some pop music here and there) feel good music.  I also DIG music festivals and listening to music live.

And, here's a little something else...my husband is the same way.  He's the only person I ever met who was into music as much as I am.  And we both love going to festivals and such.  It's actually the first thing that attracted me to him (well, one of the first things anyway).

Here we are back in September 2008, in Charlottesville, VA, seeing My Morning Jacket...a few months before I got pregnant with C.

Now that I'm a mama, it's hard to keep up with MY music because C wants to hear HER music.

So I thought I'd post a weekly series, on Fridays, called Friday Beats, in which I'll post a song that I'm currently diggin' - and to help me stay connect to my love of music.

So this week, I'm happy to share this awesome song I just found, from Memory Tapes, called Bicycle.  

Check it out if you'd like.  And, if you do, I hope you like!

 Until next time...

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