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I've done it again!  I've updated my About Me page.  Things keep coming together for me and I'm now at a place where it feels 100% me.  So with that, I thought I'd share with you the real story with how I got to where I am today with my site.  Enjoy!

Hi, I'm Renée and I'm the founder and creator of this blogsite that I like to call, Renée Yemma {The Calm Mama}.

I’d like to start out by saying that I NEVER, EVER thought I was the “creative” type.   (Read my Why Doodle? post to find out more on WHY I never thought I was creative)

But now, after a defining moment in my life, I’m happy to say, I am the creative type (and so are you).

The defining moment that led me to this new thought happened in early 2009.

I was pregnant with my first child, Lil’ C (pictured above when she was 1 and 1/2 years old).

During this time, I was starting my new Holistic Health Coaching business, after walking away from teaching elementary school, which I went back to school for after receiving my Journalism degree.

(Yes, I’ve been on a mission to find my inner most passion, and, I’m happy to say I’m 100% proud of every step I’ve taken to get to it.)

At the same time, I was shifting from within.  I was beginning to realize that I wasn’t aligned with my Holistic Health Coaching business anymore.

It wasn’t feeling 100% me.

Then, while watching a business development DVD, a professional photographer was up at the podium asking a question, and all of sudden I was hit with the biggest aha that would forever change me. 

“Yes! I love photography.  I always have.  Photography brings all of me into it – my love for kids, family, food, nature…life.” 

(And soon after this, I began to notice and become more aware of all kinds photography signs that filled my life while I was growing up (and presently) that I never, ever realized before)

That night I couldn’t fall asleep because I was so jazzed. 

I began to study everything I could find on photography.

I had my daughter and I bought my first DSLR. 

I continued to study when time from being a mommy would open up and I even took a few online classes. I also took a million, trillion pictures of my daughter.  (Here she is at 6 months old)

Every day I fell more and more in love with my camera (and my daughter, too ;) ).

The year after having my daughter, my husband, who’s in the Coast Guard, got orders to a new city. We packed up and moved and few weeks later he left me for 10 weeks for training.

I felt alone and very stressed.

I was still taking pictures and learning, but I began to have a big desire - a deep inner craving - to become one of those so called “creative” people that I never thought I was.

I wasn’t sure where this was coming from or what that “creative” itch deep inside me even meant, so I decided to research to find out what it could be.

The one thing I knew for sure was that I was craving something hands on, colorful and maybe even crafty.

I came across some online art journaling classes and was intrigued right away.

I signed up, but soon after the classes started, I was overwhelmed with the activities and the supplies needed – they were way over my head and I was too exhausted to even try to figure it out from being a mommy all day.

My overwhelmed, exhausted, lacking-mama-me -time  brain hurt while taking these classes. All I wanted to do was something easy, fun and something that didn’t require me to think a whole lot or require a trip to the arts and crafts store looking for supplies that were completely unknown to me.

And most importantly, I didn’t want to feel any less creative than I already felt.

A few weeks later (don’t ask me HOW I found her, but I’m SO happy I did), I came across Whitney Ferré and her website, Creatively Fit.

I listened to her interview on her local news channel and I was immediately hooked.  I was hooked because her message was exactly what my life needed.

I was living a very dominated left-brain lifestyle (focused on paying my bills, taking care of others, analyzing, worrying and so on) and I was in much need, of what she says, of “working out” my right brain (present moment, intuitive, calm) - and it involved the creative activity I was craving.

I signed up for her 4-week email course and I was heaven.  I began to connect with my inner kindergartner again just by doodling and doodle painting – without rules.  Just what felt good to me.

I connected with colors (again) that helped me FEEL more CALM and I began to feel more and more creative.

I was literally taken back to the days where coloring was fun because I wasn’t getting graded on it, and, at the same time I was lowering my stress level.

Only a few supplies were needed which I could easily pull out right after my daughter went to bed; paper, crayons, acrylic paints, canvas and a $5 pack of paint brushes -  perfect for this overwhelmed mama, because at the end of the day I don't want to be pulling anything else out or cleaning anything else up!

While having all this fun, I realized that doing the activities that spoke out to me the most were actually very calming for my hectic mama mind, body and soul.

I was melting away my stress of the day while also having fun with color (and I’ve tried everything from yoga to meditation to de-stress from the day, which are great, but connecting with color in this way, is very, very powerful on the mind, body and soul).

I became….

  • more calm (especially when handling my crazy toddler filled days)
  • more relaxed
  • more energized
  • more rejuvenated
  • more connected to ME and my passions
  • more fun
  • more confident
  • more intuitive and began to really KNOW what I truly wanted for myself
  • more ease when my husband leaves for trainings and such (and while being a full-time SAHM mom)

which all resulted in balancing my left and right-brain thoughts with more mindless, right-brain activity (doodling, painting and photography).

And, the best part of all, I calmed my “I’m NOT creative” thoughts, which helped me to continue to pursue my passion for photography with more and more confidence than ever before. (See my Doodle Calm Thoughts and Photo of the Day posts – both inspired from adding more doodling to my life)

Because doodling and "working out" my right-brain had such a positive affect on me, I signed up to become a Creatively Fit Coach so I could help spread the message of WHY and HOW to do something right-brain related every day is SO important.   I knew I needed to share my spin on what becoming Creatively Fit meant for me so I could help others feel more calm, reconnect with their passions and start to see that they ARE creative!

The coolest thing of that touches me on such a deep level, is that because of my inner shift, reconnecting with my inner creative child and becoming more intuitive with what lights me up from the inside (color + photography),  I now know that my #1 goal as a mom is to help my kids stay connected to their inner creativity and passions so they don’t lose the creative gene they were (we all were) born with, like I did (like so many of us have) as I  (we) grew older.

We’re all creative!  And, I’m here to show you that, step by step, or, what I really mean,  is that I’m here to help you reconnect with that, step by step – all while creating more calming colorful fun in not only your life, but your children’s lives as well.

Until next time...

{life is colorful}






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