RSS Feed Update: Back to FeedBurner!

OK! So I think my gratitude post on patience with FeedBurner TOTALLY helped me!  After spending 3 days trying to figure out the issue (which for the most part I'm pretty good at) I finally cracked the code.  I have FeedBurner back, BUT, you may have to add the new feed to your RSS feed.    I did go back to my feed in google reader and refreshed it and it updated.  So I hope that works for you, too!

Sorry for all the confusion.  Just really want to make it easy for you to keep my blog in your reader.  I know how much I love having all my blogs in one spot, so it was really important for me get this working again for you. :)

Here's the link to add:

And, you can always go to the subscribe page or the subscription link up above!

Have a great weekend!