Updates + Newness + Testimonials, Oh My!

I'm baaaaaaaack!!! Woohoo!!


I can't believe I haven't written here since April 22nd!  I tell ya...when you have a baby on the way, it sure does make you work a little harder to get things done.  :)

I've had many, many things on my to-do list in regards to this colorful, Calm Mama, site.  And some of those things involved putting together products and services.  I've had products written and ready to go for months (since last August, really) but I was STUCK on the technical side of it all.

I'm happy to say, I've figured it out (even with a toddler who has decided NOT to nap anymore because she learned how to open all the doors in the house - more to blog about on this!) and I've finally finished it all.  Woohoo!

I know I've been chatting it up that I've had some things in store for awhile now, so, I'm thrilled to finally have some of my services out there now.  My intention was always to get this out so I can show you exactly what I do to bring more calm into my busy mama life.

So, with that, let me tell ya all about the newness that's happening here on my site (in case you haven't seen it yet).


I put together a BRAND NEW FREE GIFT for you...it's my #1 Way to Feel More Calm in 10 Minutes or Less.  You get to hear a little bit about my story and I share with you my most favorite and quick way to FEEL more calm when overwhelm and stress arises.   If you're already on my e-newsletter, you'll be getting the link to this new product in my upcoming newsletter. :)

Next, I put together my Slow Down, Mama! eBook, where I share my 7 tips on how to add a little more s-l-o-w into your busy mama life.  These tips are exactly what I do to create more slow into my day (and trust me, I still need the reminders!).


Then, as you already know, if you read my last post in April, I put together 3 different, do-it-yourself, eMail courses, called Creating Calm with Doodles, Photos and Paints, that run for 3 weeks.

I did a run though with some mama's and here's what a few had to say about the doodle course...

"Having fun, this time my left brain did not attack my letters but attacked me instead.  Kept coming up with things I should be doing while baby napped like cleaning, laundry, or cooking.  Very hard getting thru feeling guilty and keep on coloring.  But proud to say I did and I loved my result.  Thanks and I am so enjoying this." ~ Maria, mama to 4 kiddos (one being a newborn) and runs a bed and breakfast

"Totally digging the doodling. Today we were at my moms and she has an art set there for the kids.  My daughter was doing water colors and I was watching her thinking that it looked like fun....why don't I join in? So I grabbed colored pencils and did. So glad I'm doing this with you!" ~ Monica, mama and health coach

"Just wanted to say Renee that I'm a couple doodles behind but was feeling mopey and stressed this evening and remembered how I wanted to "find the time" to begin doodling so I ran to my inbox and got the first lesson out along with my pencils and sketchbook. By the time I was done with my doodle I was breathing slower, less tense and felt so much better. Thank you SO much for sharing these techniques with us!" ~ Jackie, mama and online marketing specialist

I have to say, everything they've said...the EXACT same things happened to me when I started doodling (and they STILL happen!).  Soooo cool! :)

And, lastly, I put together my 6 week, Calm Mama eCourse.  This course does include my 3, Create Calm with Doodles, Paints and Photos class, but it's filled with 3 BRAND NEW photo sessions and 6 BRAND NEW self-care sessions.  And, you get the info on a daily basis, rather than it being spread out and you have more of ME to support you.  :)

So, I've been working behind the scenes on all of this all while being home with daughter and trying to rest while my baby #2 belly blossoms.  And boy, pregnancy is a lot harder when you have to chase a toddler around (more blogging on this, too!).

I'm SO happy that I finally get to help you more with what I create here on my blog.  It makes me feel good knowing that I get to help you create more calm in your life. :)

So now that I have things organized and ready to go, I'll be back to my regular blogging schedule.  I'll also be getting my e-newsletter out on a consistent basis again! Yay!  And, if you follow me on my Facebook and Google+ page, I'll be doing my daily status updates that are filled with lots of colorful fun.  And, of course, I'm always instagraming like crazy - even more so now that I'm entering my 3rd trimester...my cell phone is so much easier to take pics with these days.  So grateful for that!! :)  Look me up @reneeyemma

Of course, things will slow down once baby #2 is here come early September, but because I have all things organized on the back-end, I'm hoping to just slide back into things once the time permits.  With my major goal of sharing with you how I create even MORE calm (and not pull my ALL of my hair out!) as I transition to being a family of 4. :)

Until next time...

{life is colorful}






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