What I've Been Up To

I've been a little quiet lately here on the blog.  The reason being is that I've been working behind the scenes on my new 3-week do-it-yourself email courses. I'm 90% done and I'm SO excited.

The course is called: Create Calm with Doodles, Paints and Photos. 

Here are the badges I made for each course this past Friday.

Basically, it's 3 courses (one on doodling, one on painting and one on photography).  Each run for 3 weeks.  When you sign up, the activities, insights, tools and tips will be emailed to you automatically (hence, a do-it-yourself email course!).

All 3 courses are EXACTLY what I do CREATIVELY, create calm in my busy mama life.  I can't even tell you how excited I am to share my story with you.  :)

Once I get this up and going, I'll be working on a new FREE GIFT, too.  One that will replace my current FREE 101 Creative Ways list (if you've already signed up for my newsletter, no worries, you'll receive my NEW FREE GIFT, too!).

Then I'll be pulling together content for a 6 week e-course I will be offering, one in which I'll be involved in (not a do-it-yourself course!) and then I'll be opening up my one-on-one mentoring again.  

Everything I teach is step-by-step and visually appealing.  It's great because it's easy to understand through an email and with some guidance from me....so that means, these courses will help anyone, no matter where they live!

And, if you've been wondering where my newsletter has been...I'll be getting that going as well.

I have 4 months until baby is here, and my plan is to have all of this up before he's here!  OH, and yes, if you didn't know, I'm having a BOY!! SO excited!!

And, of course, I'll be blogging as well.  

OH!! And, I've also added new link to my navigation menu called products + services.  It's still a work in progress, so stay tuned! :)

So that's where I've been (in case you might have been wondering...hehe!).

What have you been up to? 

Until next time...

{life is colorful}






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