Creating Her Own Art Wall

I tell ya, ever since she turned six (yes six!! pics coming!!), her inner, interior designer, skills have EXPLODED!! 

It started with this...creating her very own 'art' wall in her room. 


She sat down to color the blue masterpiece that you can see hanging (this is based on a painting that I painted that she loves, because she says it's the lantern's from Rapunzel...something I didn't even think about when I was was just circles over a blue background, so I absolutely LOVE that she saw this in my painting! So fun!) and then she asked me if she could hang it. 

Of course, I said, "Of course!!" Ha! 

Well, once she hung the first one up, she was jolted with inner creativity inspiration and she colored 20 pages in total and hung each one up.  

She colored, then hung it up. Colored. Hung it up. Colored and hung it up, in like 10 minutes. 

I was in absolute awe watching her do this. 

Her joy, her was incredible and so, so heart warming. 

It started with a few (and a filled 'stuffed animal' bed)...

Then it continued with a SUPER giddy moment because she hung Harry Potter up (she LOVES him!!!) and then Lil' Bro came to see all her creative inspiration. 

Oh yeah...gotta show the bro Harry!! Ha! 

Then, before we knew it, we had to clear the way on her bed because she was adding SO many beautiful pictures.  

She was counting them all because she was determined to have 20! Almost there! 

Once she got to 19, she stopped and then let Lil' Bro look at the one she drew for him.

He enjoyed looking at them all with her. So cute!! 

Then they were JUMPING for JOY with excitement that her wall was filled.  Again, so cute!! 

Then she left, and he stayed around for a bit longer. Awweee...I wonder if he's gonna make his own art wall when he's six. I can't wait to see what comes through him at this age!! 

And, like I said, this was just the beginning!! She has since,  hung up her princess dresses on her blinds as curtains, moved the couch cushion under her window for a cozy seat, the hubs made her canopy over bed with a sliding curtain that now includes hanging lights AND she's moved her book bins to a different place in her room (guess she didn't like where I had them...ha!).  

I think it's SO amazing to be able to witness this and words can't even express how grateful I am for iPhone camera. 

It's moments like this that fill my heart with SO much JOY and have me wanting to stop and savor it for as long as I can, and that's where my camera comes in.

Instead of just walking by her room and noticing what she was doing real quick and then getting back to my to-do list right away, grabbing my camera allows me to truly STOP and move in closer to the moment, stand, sit, watch and then snap EVERYTHING that's making me smile.  

I LOVE having beautiful DSLR pictures, but for me, I can't always pull out my DSLR...and honestly, for me, snapping these everyday moments, editing them real quick (edited these in the PicTapGo app) after the moment happened, is SO much more important to me. 

Sure, some are blurry and the lighting can be off, but years down the road, I'm not gonna look at these and say, "Wow, the light is SO awesome in this picture OR, "Wow, look at how crisp those photos look!" Nope!!

I'm gonna look at them and then I'm gonna immediately remember the FEELING that this moment brought me and my kids are going to look at them and they're going to remember WHO they are and how they FELT in this moment, too! 

Which, for all of us, is and will be JOY!!

It's this JOY that I want to ALWAYS remember!!

And, my camera, be it my iPhone or DSLR, helps me be 100% present in the moment and helps me truly SAVOR the feeling I always wanna remember!! 

So, yeah, the technical rules are GREAT, but for me...

capturing the FEELing of the moment comes first.   

It's the JOY that comes first...and, if you really LOVE photography, then the technical rules are GREAT to learn, but, please, ALWAYS remember, it's the moment that matters most!!

It's too easy to get pulled into making the "perfect" picture, which, in the end, causes you to miss the FEELING of the moment that's making YOU smile (and trust me, I know this first hand...especially when I was first learning photography!)

But, what's really cool, and has happened for me, is that once you learn those technical rules, you won't even have to think much about them and you'll be well on your way back to capturing what lights UP your heart with love!!  

But even if you don't learn the "rules" of photography and continue to take pictures with your iPhone (which has been me for over a year), having any camera, without knowing any rules, is so GREAT, too,  because, again, it's all about SAVORING the FEELING of moments that LIGHT UP your heart with LOVE, so when you look back at them, you'll immediately remember all the JOY that filled your heart in that moment!! 

And that's the most awesome gift that camera's bring to us all and the main reason why I'm SO passionate about photography and taking pictures! 


Until next time, 

Slow down to savor what YOU love (through the lens)....even if it's crappy lighting or with your iphone...because it's the moment that matters most!!  ;) 


refresh yourself

We are back in the school routine these days, hooray!! 

But, I'll tell ya, after dropping C off for her first day, over a week ago, and then coming home with Lil' Bro, who started to play oh, so happily on his own, I sat down and thought, "Oh man, am I tired!"

Having two littles all day is definitely exhausting, but I never truly realize how much I'm "ON" all day long and night with both of them until they are separated (hence the lack of blog posts, too!). 

So, with adjusting getting back into our school schedule (we are NOT happy campers over here at 7 am!!) and me, just really needed to sit still, I took some time last week from posting my uplifting doodles and savoring the moment pictures on Instagram to refresh myself!

I'm still not 100% refreshed...7 am still isn't fun for us...yet (not sure if it will ever be! Ha!) and I could really use a few months to hibernate in a dark, cold, comfy bed room, quiet room and catch up on sleep (especially since the hubs was gone again last week for work!). 

But, the refresh myself break was SO needed and I'm going to make sure I keep it up, now that I officially get (about) two hours to myself, 5 days a week, for the next nine months (that is, if Lil' Bro still naps!).  

It's funny, because when I was a teacher and not a mom yet, I loved summer break and now, as a parent, I love the school year.  

Because, now, school is my biggest break I've had in 6 years and that break is helping to refresh my soul and and is helping me BE more of the calm, happy and present mama I SO wanna BE for my kids (but definitely still struggle with...especially at 7 am when I'm asking myself, "Am I gonna make it through this?" while my kiddos are fighting and whiney and not wanting to get ready because they're super tired!! Oh yeah!! Fun times! Ha!)


Until next time, 

Get YOUR creative calm on...because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so YOU can allow yourself to take a step back and refresh yourself in ways that will truly nourish your soul (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment)

love always wins

I'm SO excited that LOVE WON last Friday!!

The more it sunk in, the more emotional I became.  

For as long as I can remember, my heart has ached for those who've had to live in fear because they couldn't share ONE part of WHO they are because of reactions it may cause in others.

One little part!!

A part of themselves that's just ONE slice of their pie, but a slice that is SO big to their heart and right for them to have! 

We are SO much more than who 
we're attracted to!!

I know I'll never feel the way they have felt, but I have felt their sadness with how society has been toward them. 

I'm SO happy that now, this part of WHO they are, can be FREE, acknowledged and accepted!!

I'm SO happy to see this day and that my kiddos will now grow up knowing that LOVE IS LOVE and EQUALITY RULES!!

What a day, America! What a day! 

Until next time, 


this is childhood delight

This IS childhood delight! 

Oh boy!! She's figured out how to make her bed into a slide and they're BOTH loving it!! 

Me...I'm not so sure!  Ha! 


Until next time, 

Slow down to savor what YOU love (through the lens)....even if it's for a second before you have to stop the fun because you're worried they're gonna hurt themselves. ;) 


Here's to using creativity to calm my mind so I can slow down and SAVOR all the delight that fills my busy mama life...cheers! 

A cheers that I'm SO in need of after being a single mom this week while the hubs was away for work (we will all be filled with delight when he walks through the door this afternoon!!) about EXHAUSTED!! Yeah...SO exhausted! 

Even on days when I'm not a single mom, I'm still filled with exhaustion from taking care of the little kiddos all day that it can be hard for me SEE the delight in my day (because, pretty much, everyday, I'm thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to go lay in bed and catch up the 6 years of sleep that I've missed out on...ha!).

That's why, everyday, I sit down, pause, and doodle a word that feels uplifting to me in that moment. 

And, that's why, everyday, I carry my iPhone with me everywhere I go, so when I see a moment that's making me stop and SMILE...I snap it, so I can savor that smiling FEELING a little more!! 


It's these two things, doodling and photography, that help me to focus on (and relish in!!) the delight that fills my exhausting, mama to two little kiddos, days, because they easily calm the funk of my mind and easily pulls me into the feel good, beauty of the present moment. 

If I hadn't listened to my inner calling to pick up my camera again and do something more creatively, hands-on, I'm not sure I'd ever see all the delight in the roller coaster ride of emotions that fill my busy mama days!

Cheers to that!!

Happy Friday, friends!

I'm SO delighted that you're here, connecting with me as I create my calm during my life as a busy mama and I hope I'm inspiring the same for you! 


Until next time, 

Get YOUR creative calm YOU, too, can easily calms YOUR mind and soothes YOUR soul so YOU can slow down and SEE all the delight that fills YOUR emotional (happy, sad, frustration, anger, sadness, joy, delight, funny...) roller coaster ride of day. 


Colorful Joy

This week, I let C pick out my weekly flowers.  

I never buy these, because I LOVE natural flowers, but these colorful beauties brought both the kiddos and I SO much JOY!

They couldn't stop touching them (that's lil' bro's hand in the pic!), they kept asking for different colors so they could make their own little vases for their rooms and

they LOVED how the water turned all different colors from them. 


I absolutely LOVED watching their JOY blossom for these! And, they're SUPER fun to photograph, too, even if they're not natural. ;) 

Flowers...they do your inner JOY good! 


Until next time, 

Get your creative calm's the easiest way to slow you down and connect YOU to what YOU love because it calms the mind and soothes the soul like no other. 

Live life's the only way to savor everything that fills your busy mama heart with happy, JOY smiles (and capture it, too!)


"Hey, Mom! Next time, do twirl!"  Twirl it is! 

Her (and her brother!) are SO into twirling these days.  Sometimes I'll join in the fun and sometimes I'll just watch them.

Either way, twirling ALWAYS makes me smile BIG! 

When's the last time you did a twirl?  Bet you can't do it without smiling!


Until next time, 

Why doodle?  Because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so your inner kid JOY can be revived and kept alive (something that can BE very hard to connect with when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind present moment). 

So...get YOUR creative, calm on so YOU, too, can slow down and savor all the JOY that fills YOUR crazy, busy life! 

his fancy dress tea party for them

Ya know, marriage can be hard and it's not always rainbows and roses over here for us.

We definitely have our share of petty little arguments, from...

  • what the air conditioning temperature should be...I like it COOLer he likes it HOTer
  • him not putting his dishes in the dishwasher, especially after I've closed the kitchen for the night and am SO tired that thinking about washing or putting away one more thing will make me CRRRAZY
  • me letting the kids eat cheese puffs around the house (yeah, he hates this one!! ha!)
  • him turning off the lights that I need to stay on for the kids because they're afraid of the dark and I don't want to have to get up 50 times to keep turning lights on for them (I always tell him, "If you were home ALL day with them, you'd understand, that for my sanity, some lights just NEED to stay on!"...yeah, hasn't clicked yet! Ha!) 

But, when I walk out into the living room and I see that he's created a "fancy dress tea party" for our kiddos in big sister's room, filled with..

  • blue juice in espresso cups 
  • flowers
  • cookies
  • a candle lit
  • French music playing on Pandora
  • a "Camille's Tea Party...Now Open" sign hanging on the door 
  • and him as their waiter, writing up tickets that add up their orders but will be paid to him with kisses and hugs from them...

sure makes all those petty little arguments melt away and reminds of the one millionth/trillionth reason as to WHY I married him and WHY he's my soulmate...

because, No matter how long or stressful his day has been at work, he comes home every evening and plays his heart out with them.


And, his tea party...

WAY better than I could have ever created for them (and yes, lil' bro IS wearing a TinkerBell dress, thanks to his big sister...ha!) 

He inspires me, daily, to BE better, all while filling my heart with even more love for him!! 

I'm SO grateful for everything that he does for us and for all the amazing love he has for our kiddos and I and vice versa. 

Because, this moment, right here, IS love and IS the true meaning of life! Because yeah, dishes, laundry, cheese puffs and the air conditioner have nothing on this LOVE!! 

Love ALWAYS rules...we just gotta slow down SO we can truly SEE it shining through (petty arguments and all!). 

A reminder that I definitely need as a very busy, multi-tasking all day long, mother of two little kiddos! 


(I will say, our marriage arguments help me to grow SO much as a person...I used to think arguing was a "bad" thing and NOT supposed to be happening in a marriage or relationship, but arguments and conflicts once in awhile not only helps me to learn about myself and how I can do better and that my inner self needs some nourishment, but, they also help US to learn what each other needs and has us growing even more close as a couple!)


Until next time, 

Get YOUR creative, calm YOU, too, easily calm your mind and soothe your soul so you can slow down and savor (the FEELING of) moments that make YOU smile and mean most to YOUR busy mama heart (through the lens)

feel your flow

Ever since I began to doodle to calm my mind (FYI...doodling and mediation create the same calming bran waves!! oh yeah!! this IS why I doodle!) I've started to connect more with my inner (guide) feelings. 

I like to call my inner (guide) feelings my intuition.  And this is something I feel in my gut and all throughout my body, not just my heart. 

Before I revived my inner doodler once becoming a mom, I was connected to my to how I felt within, but, I was way more focused on everything outside of myself and was living my life guided by how I was thinking, instead of how I was feeling, which caused a lot of anxiousness to fill me. 

Now, if something FEELS awesome, I know I'm feeling my flow because I FEEL expansive, light, uplifted and good. 

If something doesn't FEEL awesome, I know my flow is being blocked because I feel tight, constricted and NOT good. 

Like, for instance, when we first moved the area we were recommended, through my hubs work forum, about a Pediatrician's Office for C...when first went, it felt OK.  I missed our past doctor's office and the way they were organized and how they made me feel.

The more we went, the more C cried and the more I felt the place wasn't right, especially when you walk in and the people at the front desk don't even look up at you and greet you.  

I wanted to leave, but my mind said...

 "no, just stay...we just moved here, it takes time, and I really don't want to switch and start all over again." 

It wasn't until our last visit, for C's three year check up and I was days away from birthing baby bro, that the doctor's words to me and the way she made C feel didn't sit right with me at all.  My mother was with us and she knew it wasn't right either.  

A few days later, we evacuated to south Florida (my hometown!) because of Hurricane Isaac, where I birthed baby bro and where we were given the most amazing Pediatrician and office (I had NO choice in choosing his doctor).  

I LOVED the doctor (she brought me comfort and she was SO peaceful and easy to talk to and SO great and gentle with baby bro!) and I LOVED the office and how organized they were. 

I realized it was that FEEL GOOD feeling that this new doctor brought deep within me that had me finally saying, "we're finding a new children's doctor ASAP when we get back!"

Because everything felt right and flowed beautifully while we were down there with the doctors (doctors we didn't even know or ask to be signed up with)  helped me to finally SEE (and FEEL) how the current Pediatrician we chose back in our area was making all of us FEEL awful, uncomfortable and uneasy and that it's SO very important to make choices based on these FEELINGS!! 

I needed these feelings (the good ones AND the bad ones!!) to continue to grow within me so I could be finally BE guided to making the best, feel good, choice for our family. 

And now, still in the same area, we have the most amazing Pediatrician (who makes all of us feel SO, SO good and C no longer cries with and, one where I feel SO comforted in her presence) and an office that is organized and also makes me feel good!! 

It took me quite some time to make this switch (2 years!),  but I also wasn't doodling when we first moved here.  I started a few months after, which was the start to following my inner, feel good, guide. 

But, still, it's amazing how the mind rules how we truly FEEL within.  

I mean, don't get me wrong. We need our mind and our thoughts to make choices, but we also need to check in with how we FEEL about those thoughts.  They need to be balanced so we can make the best decisions for us!  I was making decisions based only on what my mind thought and I was ignoring how I felt deep, within my gut.  

And now I know, if it doesn't FEEL good, do something to make sure it does!! 

My mind still loves to get in the way and still loves to pull me into doubt, worry and frustration, but, from what I'm starting to know for myself, is that I need to FEEL those feelings (good and bad!) to remind myself to stay on the course to what beautifully flows for me. 

Because it's that flow that keeps me connected to my intuition (my gut instinct!) am to making decisions that keep me connected to what FEELS best for me and my family.

And, not to mention WHO I am and what I LOVE. 

Something I could have never become aware of if creativity didn't find me! 


And, trust me, every day I'm telling myself....

 "follow your flow, Renee...follow your flow,"

because I can still FEEL anxious and worried and frustrated while my days are filled with the demands of motherhood and all the external thoughts of the world that surround me.  

Because, yeah, it can be really hard for me stay connected to my FLOW while taking care of my kiddos and living in this technology driven, social media filled, everyone sharing their thoughts, world we live in, right!? 


Until next time...

Get YOUR creative calm on...because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so when choices in life need to be made YOU can connect within and choose the direction that FEELS and  flows the best for YOU! 

grateful for their reminder

While picking up a million, trillion toys off the floor, I was stopped in my tracks to savor this sweet moment of little feet and little kiddos sitting at the kitchen table reading books together. 


I'm SO grateful that these two are in my life because they ALWAYS remind me to slow down and relish in what matters most to my heart, which is, BEing more present so I don't miss moments like this.

Because, for me, it's very easy to do so when my mama to-do list is never ending and I'm in major need of some mama, hibernate alone in a cave for days, me time! 


Until next time,

Get YOUR creative calm on, so when you SEE a moment that YOU love, you can stop and savor the warm, fuzzy, uplifting, joyous FEELING of it, instead of zooming right by it while continuing to focus on all your "to-do list" thoughts. 

And, that my friends, IS why doodling to calm YOUR mind and capturing what YOU love with your camera is powerful, POWERFUL, stuff! 

be nice

There's nothing more heart warming than watching your little kiddo's bond and laugh and giggle while they play together, but, when they get mad at each other, oh man, it makes my entire body cringe.

From screams to cries to the pulling hair, pushing and calling each other names...yikes!!

It makes this only child mama a little crazy!  Ha! Who am I kidding!? It makes this only child mama a whole lot of crazy!! (which is WHY I doodle!

And because of that, I find myself saying...

"be nice" 

over and over and over and over and over again. 

I always tell them...

"It's OK to be angry, but it's NOT OK to hurt others because of your anger."

I sure hope my words are sticking, because some days it can feel like they aren't, because of my broken record, "be nice, be nice, be nice, be nice!" words! Ha! 

But, at least, for the most part, they come around and say "sorry" to each other and then hug. 

That makes all the hard work of teaching them how to treat others worth it!! 


Until next time,

Why doodle?  Because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so the frazzle of life (and motherhood!!) can BE handled with more ease (ease is hard to find when your mind is always running five miles ahead or behind present moment). 

So...get YOUR creative calm on so YOU, too, can connect within and handle the demands of life with more ease so YOU can slow down and savor all the JOY that fills YOUR crazy, busy life! 

sibling conflict

Yep!  Still fighting

He keeps putting on her new Cinderella shoes and she's NOT happy about it. 

I know he does it because he wants everything she has, but I also know it he does it on purpose because he knows it WILL make her mad. 

Oh, siblings! 

I don't love to savor their fighting, but I do LOVE how fast they are to hug, kiss and say sorry to each other and then go back to playing together with happy giggles and like nothing ever happened. 

That part IS the best! 


Until next time, 

Live life's the only way to savor what YOU love (and capture it, too!) 

today is great

Today IS great!

I gotta tell ya, usually I doodle by myself, when L is napping and C is at school, but now that they're home all day, I doodle after we eat breakfast and while they're playing, watching a show or coloring with me. 

Today, they fought the entire time I was doodling.  Oh man! 

There were many times I started to lose my cool and ask myself, "am I going to make it through this?," because while I wanted my moment of doodling stillness, they were hitting, pushing, tattletaling (oh this is bringing back teaching memories!!) and getting upset if I sang part of the song on Peppa Pig (what is up with toddlers not wanting you sing out loud!? Ha!).

But, then, I'd tell myself...

just breathe through it...just breathe through it 

because, yes...

today IS a GREAT day! 

It's Friday and I have a weekend of fun ahead...

  • reading EL James, Grey (Oh yeah!! Started it last night and LOVING it SO far!! I'm not into BDSM, but I'm SO into LOVE stories. I love, LOVE! I can never get enough of fifty because, for me, it's an awesome LOVE story that I LOVE to read over and over again!!)
  • family date night tonight
  • date night with the hubs tomorrow
  • taking the kiddos to see Pixar's Inside Out
  • and celebrating Father's Day on Sunday!!

So, yeah, today, even with all the meltdowns, is GREAT!! 

Happy Friday!! 

And, tell me, what's GREAT about YOUR day? I'd LOVE to hear! 


Until next time, 

Why doodle?  Because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so the frazzle of life (and motherhood!!) can BE handled with more ease (ease is hard to find when your mind is always running five miles ahead or behind present moment). 

So...get YOUR creative calm on so YOU, too, can connect within and handle the demands of life with more ease so YOU can slow down and savor all the JOY that fills YOUR life! 

just being who they are

These are WHO my kids are, right now, in their current stages of life. 

Her and her poses (her inner princess has been revived since going to Princess camp last week...she tried on 10 dresses in less than five minutes this morning, something she hasn't done since she was four...I don't mind! Nope! Not one bit!).

Him and his facial expressions that ALWAYS delights us with laughter!

And when they stand next to each other, it ALWAYS melts my heart with how cute their teeny-tiny cuteness is.

Savoring her princess phase for as long as I can.  Seeing how it was almost gone after she turned five last year.  And, for me, I just LOVE the way her dresses look in black and white. 

And then they actually wanted a picture together. Whoa! 


Until, lil' bro wanted to escape but big sis wouldn't let him. Ha! 

She got him!! Hooray!! 

Oh, I love WHO they are SO much, that is, when they're not meltdowning on me...ha! 

Until next time, 

Live life's the only way to savor what YOU love (and capture it, too!) 

trust the flow

I've been connecting more with trusting the flow of life.

I don't know about you, but, for me, my mind LOVES to try to control everything. What I've come to learn, is that the more I try to "control" a situation by always trying to "figure it out," the harder life feels. 

So now, when I set an intention for how I want to create my life, I take action, but I keep telling myself to keep my heart in "trust" mode.  

Because, what I know for sure, when I stay in "trust," life ALWAYS flows beautifully, like when I had to evacuate to Florida, at 39 weeks pregnant with lil' bro, because of Hurricane Issac.  

Talk about having NO control over a situation and then staying in calm and trust mode and then everything working out in more amazing ways than I could ever imagined. It was his birth that really guided me into trusting life to work out as it should and to truly let go of trying to force into a way that I think is best.  Wow! 

Because, yeah, whatever outcome I'm hoping for comes out even better than I could have ever imagined or could have figured out on my own when I trust the flow of life.  


Until next time,

Why doodle?  Because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so YOU can stay connected to trusting the divine flow life provides YOU!! (you can't stay in "trust" mode if your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment). 

So...get YOUR creative calm on so YOU can connect within and BE more present to all the JOYous flow that lives inside YOU and around YOU so you can slow down and savor it all. 

just breathe

Before I became a mom, I was stressed! 

Now that I'm a mama, that pre-mama stress was NOTHING compared to my busy mama days.

Mainly because I could sit down and enjoy a meal without having to get up 20 times or when I'm doing something, I could focus on it without being interrupted every two seconds and then lose my thought. 

I LOVE being a mom SO much, but, boy can I get frazzled easily. 

Like, yesterday, when I took the kids to have pizza with their Daddy for lunch.  

While I'm trying to focus on eating my own slice (as fast as I can!), I'm also cutting pieces of the other slice for both kiddos, while they swap seats, which seems like 50 times, and then they swap which side of the table they want to sit on, which seems like another 50 times, and then they drop their fork, napkin and the pizza pieces I just cut for them on the floor and now have to cut more, and making sure they don't fall off the seat and hurt themselves and then Lil' Bro runs in circles around us while we try to get him to sit before he runs away from us. 

Oh, and having a conversation with the hubs is pretty much non-existent and I have NO idea what my surroundings look like.  Ha! 

Yep! I was FRAZZLED!

And when I get FRAZZLED, I can react with anger and frustration, which can leave me filled with SO much mama guilt because my #1 passion as a mama is to BE calm for my kids, no matter how crazy it gets. 

Since I've been creating my inner calm, I find myself saying...

"Just breathe! Just breathe! Just breathe!" 

through all those frazzled moments more than just instantly reacting with anger and frustration thoughts and emotions.  

I'm not 100% calm and I still have plenty of frazzled reactions, but the more I calm my inner world through creativity, the more I can take a step back and breathe some inner stillness through all the crazy (toddler!) chaos of it all. 

Everyday my kids help me create an even better ME...flaws and all! 

And, when the day comes when I can sit and eat a meal without having to pick up food off the floor (pasta is the worst!!) and go to the bathroom every two seconds, I'm gonna SAVOR it more than I ever have before!! 

That's the real beauty of kids...they help you appreciate life in ways you never, ever thought possible! 

SO thankful and SO grateful!


Until next time, 

Get YOUR creative calm on...because when life gets you FRAZZLED (and it will!) you can breathe through it and react with more calm thoughts and emotions.  So, SO, worth it!

Because, that IS the power of connecting with your inner, creative self. Oh yeah!  

her art

I always LOVE when I'm in the middle of cleaning up the kitchen and my head is full of...

"I gotta clean up the counter as fast as I can before one of the kiddos (or both!!) need me or they start fighting or they want more food or they wanna take a bath or they need a bandaid...and so on...Ha!" 

And then walking over the to dining room table for more "cleaning up thoughts" and stopping in my tracks because I'm seeing her beautiful, five-year-old, art that she's left behind, which, immediately pulls me out of my head and into my heart warming, "I love this!" thoughts. 

Seeing her inner, creative self left around the house like this NEVER gets old. 

I love that she's waving at me, too!  Hi!! 


Until next time, 

Get YOUR inner, creative calm on so YOU, too, can connect within and BE more present to all the JOY that surrounds YOU so you, too, can slow down and savor it all. 


share your joy

Share YOUR joy!! 

Because when you do, you ignite the JOY that lives inside others!!


Until next time,

Why doodle?  Because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so all YOUR inner JOY can shine through YOU and BE shared with others!! (you can't connect to all your inner joy if your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment). 

So...get YOUR creative calm on so YOU can connect within and BE more present to all the JOY that lives inside YOU so you can slow down and savor it all. 


Wishing you a day full of JOYous giggles!  

Happy Sunday! 


Until next time,

Live life's the only way to savor everything that makes YOU giggle with JOY! 

his quiet and imaginative moment

When I walked by his big sister's room,  I was stopped in my tracks to this sweet, little quiet moment of him, resting his head on the pillow, while talking, in his sweet, two-year-old voice about Captain Hook on his Pirate ship. 

Oh, it's moments like this that pull me out of my to-do list head and warm my heart and make me smile BIG. 

Argh!! I love watching ME son use his imagination!! Argh!! 

Slow down to savor what makes YOU stop, smile and fills YOUR heart with happy love tingles (through the lens!).  

You can't savor what you love if your mind is five miles ahead or behind the present moment.  


Until next time, 

Live life's the only way to savor what you JOYously love (and capture it, too!)