Doodle Painting eCourse

Do you often struggle with your thoughts running 5 miles ahead of you when you finally get a minute to relax?

Do you have trouble viewing yourself as "creative" and partaking in any activity that requires you to draw or paint?

Do you just wanna FEEL more CALM and have more energy when handling all the mommy responsibilities that fill your day?

If you are saying, YES!, to these questions, then you're in the right place.

And, if you ALWAYS tell yourself, "I'm NOT creative!" then you're REALLY in the right place. :)

First, this course is NOT...

  • going to teach you how to paint professionally.
  • going to teach you how to sell your paintings.
  • going to teach you the rules of painting.
  • going to teach you the rules of art.

This course IS going to teach you…

  • how to use mindless-creativity (meaning no rules, just fun!) to create more CALM in your busy mama life.  It's kinda like yoga and meditation, but way more colorful and fun.
  • ow to connect with your favorite colors.
  • how to feel CALM with color.
  • how to paint to calm your thoughts.
  • how to use creativity to feel more energized and uplifted.
  • how to see and believe that you are CREATIVE!
  • how and why left and right brain activities need to be equally balanced on a daily basis.

This 3-week course includes:

  • A weekly left and right brain (takin' back old school) review...except this is way more fun than your middle school science class.  I promise!  It's beautifully refreshing and much needed information to help get your creative juices flowing.
  • A weekly step-by-step painting activity that is visually pleasing to the eye.  You aren't left hanging with creative activities.
  • Detailed posts on WHY creating calm with paints is a must for feeling your most calm self.
  • Summary of each lesson.
  • Resources and links so you can explore more about the topic.
  • Access to a private community group on Facebook that's filled with like-minded, supportive, creating calm mama's who wish to live a more colorful and balanced life.

Here's how it's gonna go down...

Week 1:  Reconnect With What You LOVE

In the first week, we look at making YOU a priority first.  You'll be taught how to easily FEEL more CALM with mindless-creative activity that's super easy and can be done in 10 minutes or less.  We'll use painting (made easy!) to help create more calm in your life, which results in more awareness and motivation to reconnecting with your true inner loves.

{1.1}   Introduction Day
{1.2}  Paint Day - Play with Color
{1.3}  Summary Day

Week 2:  Easily Energize + Rejuvenate Yourself

In the second week, we look at how doing mindless-creative activity helps you to become more aware of your thoughts, which helps create more rejuvenating energy in your life. Mainly, you'll start to become more aware of your left and right brain thoughts. For example, your left-brain thoughts can cause you to feel stuck and depleted, but your right brain thoughts can have you feeling motivated and happy.  So when we balance these thoughts with mindless-creative painting activity, you'll be left feeling upbeat and ready for anything that comes your way.

{2.1}   Introduction Day
{2.2}  Paint Day - Paint a Doodle
{2.3}  Summary Day

Week 3: Allow Yourself a Creative Break

In the third week, we use painting (made easy!) to help us feel GOOD no matter what the day may bring. It's all about using creativity (on a daily basis) to recharge our batteries...and I promise, it works (even if your left-brain is saying, yeah right, right now).  Oh, and, let me tell you, you deserve this type of creative break!!

{3.1}   Introduction Day
{3.1}   Paint Day - Doodle Flower
{3.3}  Summary Day

Price: $20



There are lots of creative e-mail courses out there.  What makes this course unique?

This course is intended to use creativity as way to feel more calm.  It’s not intended to teach you “art” or “creative” rules.  It requires minimal supplies and very little trying-to-figure-it-out thoughts.  It’s intended to relax you, not frustrate you.  It’s really just BEing a kid again…coloring without any judgments or criticisms or perfectionist thoughts.  It’s literally like going to yoga or a mediation class, but instead of closing your eyes and calming your thoughts, you're calming your thoughts with hands-on painting activities that are so easy that a Kindergartner could them.

Do I need to have an artist background to take this course?

Absolutely not!  This is a course that helps reconnect you with your inner-creative child again.  You know, the one that scribbled in Kindergarten?  We all were scribbling once…and that’s the only skills you need for this course.

Do I need to have fancy art materials for this course?

Nope!  Do you have kids?  If so, you can use their paints and their paper.  Even if you do or don’t have kids, really, all you need is paper, a few colors of paint and some paintbrushes.  I use canvas and paints from an arts & craft store, but they’re not mandatory.  I provide you with all the information on the supplies being used for the course, and they don’t cost much at all.   So, here’s what you’ll need: paints, paint brushes, 3 white canvases or painting paper, paper plate and a cup to hold your water.  It all depends on what works best for you.

Oh, and you’ll need a computer, a printer (not mandatory) and an email account so you can read and print the email lessons.

This course is a do-it-yourself email course. What does that mean? 

It means that once you sign up, you’ll begin to receive the lessons in your email inbox automatically over a period of time.  All the lessons are easy to understand and visually stunning.  They’re set up to feel like you are taking the class live with me.  I won’t be instructing this class…hence the do-it-yourself in the title.  But, if you have any questions while taking this course, I encourage you to contact me.  I want to support you in any way that I can.

I’m SO busy taking care of my kids and family and I want to take this course, but I’m afraid that I won’t have the time.  Should I still take it?

Of course!  What’s great about this course is that it’s given to you in your email inbox, meaning, you can read the emails whenever you get time.  There’s no time limit with the activities.  I know life gets in the way, so the lessons will be there for you when your schedule allows.  The activities don’t have to be done all at once.  You can start it (because even 5 minutes will help) and continue on with it when your schedule opens up.  Really,just giving yourself 5 minutes a day to do these simple and easy activities will provide many positive benefits to your life.  Even the littlest things you do in the course will help you be a calmer mama.

How are you qualified to teach this course?

This is a GREAT question.  I’ve had the most profound journey leading me here.  You can read more about my story here.  But, since becoming a mom, I now know how important it is to stay connected to my inner creative child and to BE calm throughout my busy mama filled days.

I’m a Certified Creatively Fit and Holistic Health Coach who taught Elementary school after receiving a Journalism degree.

I talk my walk, meaning, everything I teach is EXACTLY what I do to help create calm in my busy mama life.  I don’t teach anything I haven’t done before.  I only share what worked for me.

Everything I’ve done and learned to this day has brought me the tips, tools and strategies that I’m teaching in this course.  And, believe me, I’m still learning.

But, I’m happy to say, that I now have the tools to not stay stuck in overwhelm and stress.   In which I share with you in this course.

How will I FEEL after taking this course?

  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Creative
  • Energized
  • Uplifted
  • Rejuvenated
  • Balanced
  • Giddy
  • Excited
  • Calm (oh, did I say that one already? Hehe!)

Do you give feedback/critiques on the activities?

Nope! This isn’t an Art class.  So I don’t give any rules, critiques or ways to make your work better.  This is a class that I do guide and give examples, but it’s all about you using your own creative juices and letting them blossom.  It’s a safe place for you to reconnect with your creativity, because you ARE creative!  And, I know first hand, that with all the mama responsibilities that are under our plates, there’s NO time for another added to-do.  So this course is really like going to spa…just sit back, relax and connect with color.

Price: $20