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I'm a...

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I love to inspire busy and stressed-out moms to easily use mindless-creativity...


uplifting handwriting

Why handwriting? Because when you write a word in cursive, that makes you feel calm or joyful, and then add your own creative fun to it, you slow down and you're brought back to the present moment, which then has you feeling more uplifted throughout the day, no matter how stressful it is. Cursive (uplifting!) writing is an easy way to calm your thoughts and put you at ease.


doodling + painting

Why doodles and doodle painting? Because you don't have to think much about an outcome (which is GREAT because this isn't about being an artist and requires no creative talent), your mind easily calms, your "this is fun" thoughts blossom and before you know it, you feel like a kid again and you're reminded of everything that brings you joy and lights you up with love.


Why photography? Life moves fast, so it's easy to see moments we love and keep going. Or, we're too in our heads (thinking!) that we don't even see them at all. So when a moment makes you smile and you pull out your camera, you stop doing the laundry or the dishes, you get into the present moment and then you're 100% focused on the joyful FEELING that moment it's bringing you. 

to help them feel more calm, relaxed and joyful so they can slow down and savor all the moments that matter most to their busy mama heart


Life moves fast...especially when we have children to take care of, so it's crucial, that we moms, don't let life get in the way of missing moments that make us smile BIG and fill us with happy tears. 

That's why mindless, creativity IS an essential part of life...it easily calms the stress of the mind, reconnects us to our joy and most of all, slows us down so we can BE more focused on what matters most. 

So if you want to easily calm your mind, reconnect to your joy, and most of all, slow down so you can savor what you love, then why not try my simple, quick, fun creative activity that'll help you to easily do just that...for FREE? 

You'll be visually guided, step-by-step, on HOW to use mindless-creativity to easily feel more calm, even if you only have 10 minutes or less to spare. (the entire family can benefit from doing it, too!)

you'll be well on your way to being a more calm, happy and present mom that you're meant to be...guaranteed! 

My Story

I'd love for you to learn more about my story and WHY I inspire what I do here.

You'll see that I never, ever, thought I was the "creative" type and that I spent many, many years (all the way up to my 30s), trying to find inner calm and what my purpose in life is.

But once I became a mom, not only did I find my inner calm through mindless-creativity, but I also re-ignited my inner joy and creativity, connected to my passions and finally slowed down to savor (fully enJOY!) what matters most to my busy mama heart than I ever had before. 

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Before You Go

I'd like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to connect with me here, and... 

I'd like to share one last thing with you.  

My creativity didn't always look the way it does now. 

When I first started, my mind was very stressed out and full of "I'm NOT creative" thoughts. But, what I came to find, the more time I made time to mindlessly-create, the more I FELT and SAW the calming and joyful benefits and the more my inner, creative self soared.

Here's what my uplifting words looked like when I first started to now

Here's what my doodle paintings looked like when I first started to now

And, lastly, here's what my photos looked like when I first started to now

Please don't look at my work and think you could never do the same. It's NOT about creating something perfect or creating something some else has done.

It's about creating something unique to YOU that'll help you FEEL more calm so YOU can slow down and BE more present, more joyful and more creative again, like you were when you were a kid, and how you're meant to BE, no matter your age.

And I'm here to help you do just that!

So if you're like me, and you really, REALLY, want to FEEL more calm and you've tried it all with very little success (yoga, mediation, organic foods, slow walks in nature, etc.), then keep following along.  

Because what I know for sure, doing simple, kid-like, creative activities that I talk about here, will definitely help you get there.  

This is just the door opener.  Once your mind calms in this creative way, you'll be amazed at what comes through YOU all while connecting more with that makes YOU smile big.  

You can't slow down to savor what you love if your mind is running
five miles ahead or behind the present moment.