How I Inspire Others


"Renee always reminds me to find joy in the little things. To take a step back and find happiness in my day to day routines. I love what she shares. It really is inspiring."

Misty - mother, nurse

Kristina - amateur doodler, nanny, reiki practitioner and amazing nature and landscape photographer.
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"I so enjoyed taking the Feel Calm through Doodling eCourse!  I found that the emails were a refreshing break to my day. I was a little bit skeptical that doodling could ease stress but once I started, within a few moments of swirly colors, I began to feel light and happy. It was fun and I looked forward to the next exercise. I especially liked the symbol quiz. My stepdaughter and I bonded over a doodling exercise together and I continue to doodle away the blues regularly. I highly recommend Renee's doodle course to anyone looking to brighten and boost their outlook and get back in touch with their personal creativity. This course is sure to spark your creative fire and teach you a few new and fun tools to manage stress. Try it! You will be glad you did. I am! Thanks Renee!"

Shaunna - mother, artist and positive thoughts inspirer.
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Her Art work @shaunnatouby_art.
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"A little over a year ago I met a wonderfully inspirational woman on Instagram. In her own way, she inspired me to begin my 100 days of drawing--which turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Art has always been apart of my life in one way or another (crafting, collages, sewing, etc) but I never really knew the joy of drawing until I began that challenge. This journey has taught me a lot about myself.

It has helped me deal with stress, negative thinking, and hard health issues (especially during this pregnancy).

I am thankful for my sweet friend Renée because of her bold little doodles and her motivational words--I am where I am today.

She recently started a new Instagram (@reneesjoyjournal) for her daily JOY JOURNAL! <3 I have used a gratitude journal for a couple years now but the idea of writing only what brings me JOY in a fun & whimsical way just sparked something in me. She is all about coloring and doodling in a child like way--because it brings about the most joy. She is totally right!

So, I have challenged myself to a 30 day JOY JOURNAL challenge which I will post to FB and my Instagram to get the good energy flowing! And yes, this was SO MUCH FUN! Oh, and my daughter, Emma, joined along! She made her own joy journal." 

Lisa - artist

"Renee reminds me to let go of control and perfectionism and leap into the unknown of creativity.  I am learning to trust my intuition more, enjoy the process, no matter what the result may look like.  I used to draw in black and white, either with pencils or felt pen.  Nothing else. I don't why. Fear? Maybe. But I started using colors for my drawings two years ago when I got color pencils as a gift. Huge step for me! And I love it! I can draw for hours, forget to eat, stay in my pjs and not go to the thank you, Renee, for inspiring me again and again to go to the place inside me and feel comfortable being there."