I'm a doodling calms inspirer, an inner creative JOY sparks igniter AND a savoring life photographer who LOVES to share how creativity easily calms my mind, soothes my soul and helps me slow down so I can BE more of the calm, happy and present mama I wanna BE.

Because, it's definitely HARD to BE all of those with a multitasking, mommy to-do list, that never, EVER, ends, right?

I grew up thinking, "I'm NOT creative!" and I was always on a mission to find inner calm.  I had NO idea that once becoming a mom, creativity would find me and not only calm me, but would ignite my inner JOY like other. 

Because of that, I'm on a mission to keep myself, and busy moms, inspired to easily use creativity to help them FEEL more calm, happy, joyful and present, so when our kids are all grown up, we'll look back with NO regrets, because even through all the ups and downs, we know we slowed down and SAVORed all the moments that meant most to our busy mama hearts. 

I've had quite the creative journey before (and after!) starting my blog 5 years ago....lemme tell ya about it.

here's the short version...

I grew up never thinking I was creative, that I wasn't born with the "creative" gene and that I had absolutely NO artistic skills whatsoever.  Once I became a mom, those thoughts changed and now I believe, one hundred, billion, trillion percent, that I AM CREATIVE (and that you are, too and that everyone is!) and it's that CREATIVITY that helped me find out that...

I have a deep, deep love for using my crayons, markers, colored pencils and paints to easily calm my busy mama mind and soothe my soul so I can stay connected to what I truly love and what I'm most passionate about in life beyond motherhood; my kids, my family, photography, doodling, yummy food, nature, yoga, mediation, music, gratitude, slowing down, BEing in the present moment and keeping creativity alive in kids and reviving it in adults.

Because, if you're anything like me, then you know, that life moves FAST and it's this FAST that can keep me disconnected from my heart. 

I also have a deep, deep love for using my camera to slow down and savor the FEELING of moments that stop me in my tracks, have me smiling BIG and fill my entire self with happy tingles.  I have a deep passion for all things photography; lifestyle, food, weddings, nature and just capturing life 'as is,' but I especially have a deep, deep passion for shooting images from the heart.

When it comes to taking pictures, I'm guided by something deep, within me.  When my mind starts trying to take over, I get frustrated and stressed. When this happens, I take it as an intuitive sign that I'm not using my inner skills and talents the way they're supposed to be used.   I'm not letting my heart guide me. 

So I always, ALWAYS, take pictures based on the JOY that I'm FEELING in my gut from something I'm seeing first.  Lighting, composition, manual settings come second. My inner love, joy and happy feelings for life come through in my pictures.  

To me, there's nothing better than savoring moments (that make me stop, smile and fill my entire self with happy joy) with my camera. It allows me to slow down and focus, 100%, on all the beauty that's happening, right now, in the present moment, instead of continuing to whiz right by them because I'm too busy analyzing all the 50 million to-do's in my head, well, maybe not 50 million, but some days it can sure feel like it. 

And, lastly, I have a deep, deep love for sharing the "everyone is creative" message and all the amazing, powerful benefits mindless, creativity provides as a Creatively Fit Coach. Because, yes..



But, lemme tell ya, if someone would have said to me...

"Renee, when you become a mom, you're not only going to fall madly in love with your kids, but you're also going to fall madly in love with photography and slowing down and savoring life through the lens. And, not only that, you're also going to LOVE using crayons, paints and markers, like you did as a kid, to help EASILY calm your mind and revive your inner, creative sparks and passions and keep them alive, which will then, ignite even more passion in you, in which, you become a Creatively Fit Coach so you can share the power "behind" creativity message with others, all while living your busy mama life." 

I would have laughed out loud a big  "HA!!!! "YEAH RIGHT!!!!" and then would have walked away, continuing to live my life, thinking I was NOT creative, all while continuing to struggle to slow down and calm my inner self through yoga, meditation, journaling, walks in nature, organic and local foods and swirling Chinese meditation balls in my hands (which was SO hard for me to consistently do back then, but now, is SO easy, since I got my creativity on).

And I would have continued to not only feel stuck with what I truly love, what my inner most passions are and what my purpose in life is, but also, I would have continued to miss the littlest moments that light me up from within and make me smile BIG!

Thanks goodness, for me, I became a mom!!

Because, for me, it's exactly what Aimee, from Artsyville, says in her beautiful, mama doodle...

"when these fresh and magical spirits arrive in our lives they create entirely new beings out of us."

My kids (in the womb and after entering the world) helped me to connect deep into my intuitive self, which helped me find my inner creativity again and my passion for slowing down and savoring life, for loving just BEing, rather than just DOing, which, has changed me forever, in the most positively, powerful way (you can read more about these changes in the long version story below).

Who knew that all of us are CREATIVE and that there aren't "certain" people who are?  I sure didn't.

And, who knew, that it's this creativity (that's unique to all of us), is what easily slows us down, brings inner calm, balance, love and passion into our lives?

Not me!!

I'm SO very grateful that I'm a changed woman, because now, I truly know, with all my heart and soul, that living slow AND mindless, creativity IS the missing link in life.

I know now, more than ever, that...

to inspire busy moms to revive their inner creative, toddler self with crayons, paints and markers so they can calm their minds and soothe their souls so they connect/reconnect to what LOVE (beyond motherhood!) and BE more of the happy, calm and present moms their mean to BE. 


I'm here to use my photography skills to inspire others to use their camera's BE more present and focus more on slowing down to savor (fully enjoy) all the moments (bit and little!) that meant the most to their busy mama hearts.

My intention and hope is that I'm able to inspire YOU (and your kids and family!) to slow down and get your CREATIVITY on through doodling (this is just to ignite those creative sparks again so your unique, creative skills and talents can shine bright again!), so you, too, can experience the same benefits and positive changes that I have and connect/reconnect to YOUR inner, unique, creative sparks and passions again!

Because, yes, YOU ARE CREATIVE!  But, if your mind (and body) isn't calm, then you can't truly savor all the JOY that fills your life and you can't truly connect with what lights YOU up from within and fills your heart with passion and love.  And, trust me, I know this first-hand.

Life IS meant to be lived slow and life IS what YOU love, why not get creative again so you can slow down and connect and savor it more, right!?