treat yo'self

handwritten and painted by renee

handwritten and painted by renee

Thought I'd jump on the "treat yo'self" train today!

'Cause, ya's "Happy Halloween day" tomorrow.

Crossing our fingers that the rain forecast changes for us tomorrow night!!

And, hey, it's FRIDAY!! So, TREAT YO'SELF!!! You deserve it!!

Until next time...

why doodle? because it easily calms the mind and soothe's the soul so YOU can treat yo'self without feeling guilty about it (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment). 

follow your curiosity

handwritten and painted by renee

handwritten and painted by renee

OK! So, I know Elizabeth Gilbert's, BIG MAGIC, book is on fire right now, but I have to tell ya about her talk I watched online over on Oprah's, Super Soul TV, the other day called, Elizabeth Gilbert: Flight of the Hummingbird - The Curiosity Driven Life.

I haven't finished Big Magic yet, so I'm not sure if she talks about this in it, but this talk, made me oh, so very teary-eyed. 

Especially when she shared the story of the woman who felt like such a loser because she couldn't figure out what her passion is in life.

I felt like that woman talking was me, because, I, too, have felt like the biggest loser because I was NOT born knowing what I'm here to do in life and what career I'm supposed to be in that has me saying, "I LOVE MY JOB!"

I've left jobs, tried SO many different things and have read every single article on 'how to your passion' I could find. Read more about this here

But, after listening to Liz's 30 minute talk, I'm a changed woman, and I now see, that I've been on the right track, following my curiosity, and most of all, following what FEELS right, in the moment I'm currently in.

If it feels right, I do it! If it doesn't feel right, I don't do it.

I've kept my inner 'curiosity' kid alive by following my curiosity breadcrumbs (like Liz says!) and that's exactly what life IS.

And, along the way, I've found my passions!! And, because this IS life, I still have SO many more curiosity breadcrumbs to come.

So, like Liz says, if you don't know what your passions are, forget trying to find it, and follow what's interesting you instead, right now, in this very moment. 

Because it's those interests that WILL lead you to your passions!!

Thank you, Liz for sharing your awesome self! Life changer!

Oh, and remember the picture I posted of Luca getting into the refrigerator below...he had NO problem and NO fear following his curiosity!!

Kids, they teach us this well. They ARE our #1 teachers to keep this ALIVE well beyond childhood...just be sure NOT to get hurt while doing it! 3yo's!! Ha!!!


Until next time...

why doodle? because it easily calms the mind and soothe's the soul so you can start following YOUR inner curiosity again, which will lead you to not only  connecting to YOUR passions, but also to connecting more within to what feels good to only you and making decisions based on that (something that's very hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment). 


handwritten and painted by renee

handwritten and painted by renee

This week, I'm on a grateful/thankful kick!

A year before I  become a mom, I'd get up in the morning, get ready for the day, make breakfast and then I'd sit down and write all my gratitude's down. It was an (inner joy and happy!) life changer for me.

Now that I'm a mom, I crave time to just sit, in silence, and write my joys, my gratitudes, my loves, my visions, my intentions and my prayers down. 

Because, when I write them, especially in the quiet, it does amazing things for my inner world. I'll find time, but it's not consistent as I'd like it to be.

For instance, I'll think, "I'll get up even earlier in the morning to write!" And then, sleeping wins, and right now, it needs to.

So then, I'll think, "I'll do it before bed, after the kids are asleep!" But then, I'm too tired to do anything after that, and sleep wins, which it needs to right now!

So then, I'll think, "I'll write them while the kids are happily playing!" And then I try, but the noise distracts me and then they're coming up to me asking me questions or they start fighting.

So...I just try to remember to say then in my head, which really isn't the same. It doesn't bring me that same feeling when I write. 

But, these days, I'm really determined to make this work, because it's something that's a 'must do' in my life. So, for now, in my current, very limited me time mama life, if I can sit and write one or two things (or just say them in my head or just doodle thankful) instead of pages and pages in one sitting, I'm OK with that (well, starting to be...because I'd love to sit and write and write and write without any interruptions!).

I'm SO thankful that I have two little who keep me on my toes 24/7 and who remind me to say "thank you!" every time I look at them...

well trying's not easy to think 'thankful' thoughts when they're screaming with anger at me because they want something that I'm not letting them have...but, I'm trying...ha!!... 

because I definitely need the reminder while living my oh, so very busy mom life! 

coloring next to a toddler

taken with iPhone and edited in PicTapGo app

taken with iPhone and edited in PicTapGo app

So...this IS what happens when you color next to a toddler.

Sister thinks what he's doing IS crazy!!

Her reaction always cracks me up when I tell her she did the same EXACT thing when she was his age..."I did???" While looking at me with this, "no way!!" face. Ha!!

This IS also the reason why he does NOT sit right next to her while doing this. 

Because if this was her paper he was reaching over to color on, this would NOT be a happy picture and this picture would NOT exist because I'd be doing my sibling peace motherly duty instead of sitting down to color with them.

Oh yeah!! Anyone relate!?

Until next time...

slow down to savor (fully enJOY!) what YOU love (through the lens)

this is why i snap

pic taken with iPhone, edited with PicTapGo app and Photoshop App

pic taken with iPhone, edited with PicTapGo app and Photoshop App

Remember the other day, when I shared her reading?

Well, I thought I'd share the initial moment that made me stop, smile, snap and savor her up. 

Instead of just noticing her for a second, smiling and then continuing on with my to-do list.

I absolutely L O V E moments like this, because they truly make stop with, "oh I love this!!!" thoughts while quickly grabbing my camera so I can really leave all my to-do list thoughts in the dust (because it's way too easy to keep those thoughts in charge!!) and BE even more present and 100% focused on her, in this moment.

Because, before I know it, she'll be all grown up, in her room, with the door shut and probably not wanting me near her...ha!


I don't wanna look back and regret that I chose my to-do list way more than choosing to slow down and savor her up!!

And, yes, I even wanna savor her writing all over my walls...can you see it!? Oh yeah!! Ha!


Like I always say...the camera is one of the best creative tools to help YOU easily get out of your to-do list head and back into the present moment so YOU can savor (fully enJOY!) what YOU love and what matters most to YOUR busy mama heart (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment). 



handwritten and painted by renee

handwritten and painted by renee

Starting today off, remembering, just how important it is, to think 'grateful' thoughts. 

Thanks to rain we had this weekend, I'm reminded that no matter how dark the clouds can get, they pass, and then the blue sky, is ALWAYS there, waiting to be looked UP at with a nice, big, comforting smile.

Happy Monday, friends!

What are YOU grateful for today? 

Until next time...

why doodle ?!? because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so YOU can stay connected to everything that brings YOU grateful thoughts (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment) 

family fest fun

pic taken with iPhone, edited with PicTapGo App and Photoshop App

pic taken with iPhone, edited with PicTapGo App and Photoshop App


We had some awesome family fun at C's school fair this weekend!!

The Ferris Wheel was a BIG hit for us all, and, we've learned that our "just turned 3 yo" has NO fear when it comes to rides.

He was melt downing on us because he wanted to ride the big, BIG, kid/adult rides!

Oh man! I think we're in for it!! Ha!!  

Until next time...

slow down to savor (fully enJOY!) what YOU love (through the lens ) 

his climbing

photo taken with iPhone, edited with PicTapGo app and Photoshop app

photo taken with iPhone, edited with PicTapGo app and Photoshop app

And the "Chronicles of Climbing Luca" continue...ha!!

Oh, this kid!! He cracks me up!

As you can see, he took off his sister's Cinderella shoes to do that his sister does NOT like him to wear...ha!

But, at the same time, he makes me oh, so VERY nervous!!

Oh, the fun of being a boy mom!! Love it!!

Until next time...

the camera: one of the best creative tools to help YOU slow down and savor (fully enJOY!) what YOU love (and don't love...ha!)....something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment. 

her reading

photo taken with iPhone, edited in Pictapgo App and Photoshop App

photo taken with iPhone, edited in Pictapgo App and Photoshop App

When she's home all day with her brother, there's definitely A LOT of fighting, but, there's ALWAYS more moments, like this, that I get to SAVOR up!!! 

And, actually, really miss while she's gone all day hard being on the parent side. I SO wish I could be a fly on the wall in her classroom, watching her learn all the things I used to teach my students when I taught elementary school. 

It's SO amazing to watch everything she's learning at school blossom at home. And, reading is one of them!!

I could listen to her sweet, little reading voice all day!!

And, of course, I still LOVE that she still LOVES to dress up in her fancy dresses. It never gets old for me! Never!!

I absolutely LOVE savoring WHO she is!!


Until next time...

the camera: one of the best creative tools to help YOU slow down and savor (fully enJOY!) what YOU love (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment).


handwritten and painted by renee

handwritten and painted by renee

Celebrate!! It's Friday!! Yay!

But, I have to say, I have both kiddos home with me today (big sis has today and Monday off of school) and right when I snuck away to doodle this, because I thought they were happily playing, all I heard was "MOM!!! He's hitting me!!! MOMMY!!! She's hitting me!!"

So off I went, like 10 times, during this doodle, to help make sibling peace. And, once I finished, they were back to happily playing.

Ah, motherhood at its finest! 

And, I'm gonna be super duper honest here, I love my kiddos with my whole heart, but...I'm definitely gonna celebrate when they stop fighting with each many years to go!?!

I know, I know...A LOT!! Ha!!

Happy Friday, friends!! EnJOY celebrating it!! 


Until next time...

Why doodle?  Because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul even when your kiddos are non-stop fighting (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment). 

his love for dirt, rocks, sticks + his sister

This past summer, I finally pulled out my Nikon.  Yay!!

The kids were LOVING playing in the dirt and rocks outside, especially my little guy, so of course, I had to follow him around, savoring him, do, just that! 

There's nothing better, than a boy with dirt on his face and rocks in hand, right? Ha! 

Don't let his cute face fool you!  He's about to throw, what he calls, 'pixie dust,' at me (AKA, dirt and rocks!)...oh yeah! 

Yep!! He's about to get me!! And, yes, I had to keep telling him to stop and why "we don't throw rocks" over and over as I ran away from him. Rocks hurt! 

I'm SO glad I captured some of his infamous 'faces' that he does.  He cracks us up when he does this!! 

Dirt really IS the best toy, right!? I can oooooooohhhhh and awwwwwww over his cute face!! :):) 

Even while he's STILL throwing dirt and rocks at me.  He's lucky he's CUTE!!!

Oh, these moments...they always melt my heart.  


He, then, he found sister and they got spooked by something in the back corner...I think they said, "I saw a beeeeeeee!!!" 

But, he just thought sister was chasing him.  LOL! 

Until he sat in the corner and realized she wasn't behind him, but was over yonder playing and making him laugh.  (those boots, on the wrong feet, his superman shirt and the dirt on face...OMG!!...the best!!)

He joined sister on the wagon, which I get SO nervous when they do this!! 

But, they're just SO cute when they're just BEing kids!! 

Sister...looking all grown up!!! Eeeeeeee!!! 

And, brother!!! Oh, the cuteness they both fill my heart with!! I can never get enough!!

Until, he starts coming at me with a BIG stick!! Aaaaah!!!!

Oh, but then I'm back to my, "awwwwwwww" thoughts, because I love little hands checking out new and fun things that belong to nature. 

And, then, back to rock digging it is, but this time, with a bucket! 

That face!! I caught it again! LOVE IT!! 

And, then, sister joined him!! No dirt on her face though. Girls! :) 

I had NO idea that I was capturing her checking out her bandaid and boy, was I just SO, SO happy that I was able to get this moment, because ever since she figure out what bandaids are, I think when she was 1 or 2, she has NEVER stopped LOVING them!! Never!

Bandaids make everything better for her! Now, her brother, he'll put them on for a second and then take them right off. He's definitely NOT into them as much as her. I LOVE their uniqueness!! 

Then, her bandaid turned into a face that does NOT look happy! 

Because brother was starting to come close to her!! Oh boy!! She's NOT happy about this AT ALL! LOL! 

Because brother does what he does best!!  Makes her mad!!!! 


And then he's hit with the cat claws and cat hisssssssss!!!! Which, is really a big, loud, ROAR!!!!

And now, he's NOT happy and now, I stop taking pictures to help soothe cries and hurts! 

But, we know he only did that to her because he LOVES her, right!? Maybe she'll understand when she's.....uh, let's say...30! Ha!  

Oh, siblings!!! Always keeping me on my toes!! Something this only child has definitely had to get used to.  

Until next time...


Why take pictures beyond special eventful moments, like birthdays and holidays? Because, the camera easily pulls you out of your to-do list head and back into the present moment, so what matters most to your busy mama heart can be savored (fully enJOYed!) right now and for many years to come. Something that's very hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment. 


life is love

handwritten and painted by renee

handwritten and painted by renee

And...I still have L O V E on the brain.

But, hey, that's a GOOD thing, right?!? Oh yeah!!

Because just when you think you already have SO much LOVE in your life, there's ALWAYS more to come!

Because, that my friends, IS life! 

Happy Thursday! 

Until next time...

why doodle? because it easily calms the mind and helps you move through the funk easier and brings YOU back to all the LOVE that IS life (something that's hard to do when your mind is running 5 five miles ahead or behind the present moment) 

love laugh live

handwritten and painted by renee

handwritten and painted by renee

The other day, while driving C to school in the morning, I saw a bumper sticker that said, "live, laugh, love."

Now, these words are great, but I actually think it should be, "love, laugh, live" because I know, in my days before becoming a mom (read my story here), I was definitely living (on Guam!), laughing (partying with friends!) and loving (married my college sweetheart...oh yeah!!). 

But, at the same time, I was living my life way more focused on my fears, in which, I wasn't living with as much love and laughter as I would have liked to have been.

Once I got my inner creative self ignited again through doodling and photography, I calmed my "living in fear" days and my "love and laughter" began to blossom even more!

The more I got my inner creative self on, the more I learned, that the most important thing I need to do for myself, is to focus on all the L O V E that IS my life right now.  

Because, when I do this, I'm connected (and stay connected!) to WHO I am and what I LOVE, (which, when living more in fear and worry, keeps me very disconnected from), and then, has me LIVING my life with more joy, laughter and fun than I could've ever imagined.

So, if you wanna live a life with more laughter and love, give your to-do list thoughts (hello, left brain!) a break and tap into your creative thoughts through mindless, creativity (hello, right brain!) for a bit and watch your LOVE grow even more.

As this starts to happen, you'll start to SEE just how important it is to ALWAYS start with LOVE (and end with love) no matter how busy and stressful the day may be!


If you wanna learn more about this, check out my F.R.E.E. eBook, calm your frazzle in less than 10, and you'll see, step by step, how I creatively calmed my fears and worries and began to open myself up more to living my life with even more love, laughter, passion and fun!


Until next time, 

Why doodle??? Because it easily calms the mind and helps YOU connect within to who you are and what YOU love, so you can live your life more focused on what YOU love and what brings YOU joy, no matter how busy the day is. Something that's very hard to do when your mind is five miles ahead or behind the present moment. 

stuck on love

handwritten and painted by renee

handwritten and painted by renee

Remember yesterday, when I said it's been 3 weeks since I've doodled? And, do you remember when I said that I'm pretty rusty with them right now?  

Well, yeah...I'm still rusty.  

You should see all the 'draft' papers I've been going through.  I really need to take a picture of all my drafting mess so you can truly see my process...or better yet, take video.  

I really want to start video taping my doodles, but I have NO idea how to do it, but it's definitely something I want to learn and do more for you.  If you know how to do this, and then edit them to speed up, please contact me!! I really need the help! 

But, anyway, when I get stuck like this (and what I mean by stuck, is that I'm not digging the way my doodles look and I keep saying, "UGH!! This looks horrible!!" it's a HUGE sign that I NEED to be sitting down to doodle. 

You see, I didn't always know this.  I used to just think, "yeah, I'm NOT creative!" and then I'd quit. But, now, after all my Creativity Coach learning and doing, I know this is NOT a bad thing. 

What it means is that I've been way too in my left-brain head. I've been redesigning my website, updated my About Me stories and get my eNewsletter and F.R.E.E. eBook up and running again...the side that is very, very technical, right? Right! 

Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad thing either.  I need my left-brain, but because my time is SO limited in my adult life, my left-brain activity was getting more attention, which meant, my right brain, doodling/creativity, side wasn't getting any loving attention.  

Just like the left-brain needs daily love, so does the right brain.  

And that brings me to my 'feeling stuck' with my doodles.  

I was trying to do words that came to me a few weeks back, but, like I said, I wasn't liking any of them. 

FINALLY, my right brain clicked in and said, "just start with something  E A S Y and something YOU know that'll bring you instant calm." 

And, so, the word L O V E it is.  Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!

You haven't seen this one before, right? ha!

Now THIS felt good right away, just like it ALWAYS does! I can never tire of LOVE. Can you? 

But, for me, when it comes to doodling, it's not about creating something new each and every time I sit down to doodle. That's not my intention with them.

My intention is to calm my mind and to get an uplifting break from all the to-do's (hello, left-brain!) I'm doing from the moment I wake up in the morning and until the moment I go to sleep at night. 

It's not about the outcome, it's about how it makes me feel within. 

And if that means doodling the same word over and over again or creating the same thing over and over again, so be it! All that matters is that I'm feeling more calm than when I first sat down to create. 

So for now, as I transition back to balancing my left and right brain activity, by adding in creative, uplifting doodling to my very, left-brain, life (busy, multi-tasking mom here!!), I'll be starting with words that bring me instant calm. 

And that may mean, you'll see the words LOVE or JOY over and over again. But, what I know for sure, the more 'daily' love my right brain gets, the more I'll be on my way to finding my uplifting 'doodle' flow again, in my very multi-tasking filled, busy mama world. 

I just have to give it some time, but my inner, creative self WILL bloom again...probably sooner, than later.  

So, if you wanna BE more creative, but when you sit down and you start to FEEL stuck and you hate everything you're putting to paper, just start with something that FEELS really good to you, something that's EASY, like coloring with your kids or just picking one word that you know you can create with ease, until, finally, you'll see your creative self flow through.  

We just have to give it some time, because it all depends on how left brain we've been or are being.  Baby steps! 

Please, don't give up!  Because your creative L O V E will shine through!  Promise!

Until next time,

Why doodle??? Because it easily calms the mind and helps YOU connect within to your inner, creative self so it can flow and shine through, no matter how busy and stressful the day may be. Something that's very hard to do when your mind is five miles ahead or behind the present moment. 

Waiting for daddy

*picture taken with iPhone, edited with PicTapGo App. 

*picture taken with iPhone, edited with PicTapGo App. 

Just hanging out by the window, waiting for Daddy to come home.  

I always L O V E sweet, sibling moments that make me STOP and S M I L E! 

I could have continued to walk by while BEing in my head focusing on my to-do list, but instead, I grabbed my camera, snapped and just took in this moment for as long as I could.  

The to-do list can wait...moments like this, can't.

The's one of the best tools to pull YOU out of your head and into the present moment so you can slow down and savor (fully enJOY!) what makes YOU stop and smile. 

Oh, and, just to KEEP IT REAL...just so you know, her room isn't ALWAYS this clean.  The teacher in me ALWAYS does a morning 'clean up' and an afternoon 'clean up'...usually before Daddy comes home, and then, we do one last one right before bed. inner photographer knows how to capture my subjects instead of the mess, with lots and lots of practice.  I've been taking photo classes since 2008.  So, please don't think my house is spotless all the time...if you walked in my house you'd see one dirty carpet, filled with spots from our cute, little boy!  Oh yeah! 

Until next time...

Why take pictures beyond special eventful moments, like birthdays and holidays? Because, the camera easily pulls you out of your to-do list head and back into the present moment, so what matters most to your busy mama heart can be savored (fully enJOYed!) right now and for many years to come. Something that's very hard to do when your mind is five miles ahead or behind the present moment. 

hello, sunshine

handwritten and painted by renee

handwritten and painted by renee

Well, hello, sunshine! 

I'm back!! With a brand new look! YAAY!! 

I've spent the last few weeks updating almost everything here on my site.  

I still want to get my shop up and running again, but my left-brain mind was on overdrive and needed a took me a few days to get my hello, sunshine doodle flowing again.  Yep! That's what happens when you stop using your right brain for a bit. It gets a bit rusty. Oh yes! 

I updated my About Page with new sections; My BioMy StoryMy Interview and My Creative Supplies (wanna know ALL the materials I use to doodle and photograph, it's all here!).

And, I have my F.R.E.E. eBook up and running again, because I really wanna give YOU some creative love for BEing here! 

Because my time is SO limited, I've been pretty quiet on social media, because I really wanted to get my site up and running again, so I can start writing here first, rather than only on social media.  


As you can see, my doodles are different now, too.  I'll explain this one in an upcoming blog post. SO much positively changed once I broke out my paintbrushes and paint again.  I can't wait to share!! 

It's pretty much the reason for my new blog design, too! 

I had no intention of updating my information and site until I had my little guy in school next year.  It's amazing what mindless, creative fun can do...especially painting!! OH YEAH! 

I'm excited to be back in my new home and I thank YOU for being here through all my changes! 

Get ready to BE  'creatively' inspired!  


Until next time, 

Why doodle??? Because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so YOU can BE the calm, happy and present mom that you're meant to BE.  Wanna learn more, check out my F.R.E.E. eBook here

yay for the first day of fall

I'm SO excited, because lately, I've been feeling a HUGE inner pull to pick up my BIG girl camera again (my nikon D7000, that is!).  

It's been SO long since I've picked her up, mainly, because when I did, Luca was at the stage where he'd run right up to me and grab her and then when I'd try to sit down and edit, the kids would run all over the house, making a mess and then I'd get SUPER frustrated and mad at them and then I'd be STRESSED!!

So, I said, "this isn't worth it!!"  Because I don't wanna take my stress out on my kids...especially when it's something I can do another time, when they're happily content with my hubs or when they're napping or asleep for the night. 

Well, once they are asleep for the night, so am I.  So night time editing and creating has not been working for me. Plus, right now, I really NEED to sleep and it's become my number one priority these days, so sleep it is! (I'm such a better mama when I get at least 7 hours of sleep...but I could really use 9, 10, or even 11 and 12 hours of sleep every night!! ha!)

But, lately, I've been feeling an inner PULL to pick her up again and so I did.  YAY! Sure, Luca still comes at me a bit, but not like he used to.  So that's nice, but what I'm really, REALLY, excited about is that I haven't lost my inner joy for DSLR picture taking.  HOORAY! 

My iPhone is SO great at helping me stop to savor the moments that light me UP with love from within, but for me, there's nothing like capturing those moments with a DSLR and then editing them in Photoshop.  

It brings so much JOY to my busy mama heart, and because of that, it truly is a must that I do it more!! 

So today, my hubs was home from work and while he was with Luca, I grabbed my flowers and headed outside.  

It took me some time to figure out my settings on manual again and to play with the images in Photoshop. I'm definitely rusty, but gosh, did I have fun.  

So I thought I'd share them here...FINALLY!!

I'm SO ready to blog consistently again! I've been doing mini blog posts over on Instagram (if you're on there, come say hello, I'd LOVE to follow you!). I sure do LOVE it over there, but I'm SO ready to BE back blog!  

My goal is to try to do just that...but with my littlest one still home all day with me and my inner desire to continue my self-care, Instagram may still win the show, but I'm hoping that I'll find my groove and BE back here more!  

So stay tuned...because I already have a bunch of blog posts ready to go!!  

Especially an amazing one on what happened when I picked up my paintbrushes again right after C started school and when Luca was napping.  What an AMAZING shift I had...SO SO COOL!!  I will blog it, soon! 

So further ado....


And, I sure hope these make you smile like they did for me. Flowers are just SO awe inspiring. I can never get enough of them; the colors, the details...beautiful mandalas at their finest!!  

And the back of flowers...truly amazing!!  Ahhhhh....nature...always reminding me that beauty ALWAYS surrounds me...ALWAYS!!    

Until next time, 

Slow down to savor what YOU love (through the lens)....even if it's with your big girl camera or with your iphone...because it's the moment that fills YOU with JOY that matters most!!  ;) 

Creating Her Own Art Wall

I tell ya, ever since she turned six (yes six!! pics coming!!), her inner, interior designer, skills have EXPLODED!! 

It started with this...creating her very own 'art' wall in her room. 


She sat down to color the blue masterpiece that you can see hanging (this is based on a painting that I painted that she loves, because she says it's the lantern's from Rapunzel...something I didn't even think about when I was was just circles over a blue background, so I absolutely LOVE that she saw this in my painting! So fun!) and then she asked me if she could hang it. 

Of course, I said, "Of course!!" Ha! 

Well, once she hung the first one up, she was jolted with inner creativity inspiration and she colored 20 pages in total and hung each one up.  

She colored, then hung it up. Colored. Hung it up. Colored and hung it up, in like 10 minutes. 

I was in absolute awe watching her do this. 

Her joy, her was incredible and so, so heart warming. 

It started with a few (and a filled 'stuffed animal' bed)...

Then it continued with a SUPER giddy moment because she hung Harry Potter up (she LOVES him!!!) and then Lil' Bro came to see all her creative inspiration. 

Oh yeah...gotta show the bro Harry!! Ha! 

Then, before we knew it, we had to clear the way on her bed because she was adding SO many beautiful pictures.  

She was counting them all because she was determined to have 20! Almost there! 

Once she got to 19, she stopped and then let Lil' Bro look at the one she drew for him.

He enjoyed looking at them all with her. So cute!! 

Then they were JUMPING for JOY with excitement that her wall was filled.  Again, so cute!! 

Then she left, and he stayed around for a bit longer. Awweee...I wonder if he's gonna make his own art wall when he's six. I can't wait to see what comes through him at this age!! 

And, like I said, this was just the beginning!! She has since,  hung up her princess dresses on her blinds as curtains, moved the couch cushion under her window for a cozy seat, the hubs made her canopy over bed with a sliding curtain that now includes hanging lights AND she's moved her book bins to a different place in her room (guess she didn't like where I had them...ha!).  

I think it's SO amazing to be able to witness this and words can't even express how grateful I am for iPhone camera. 

It's moments like this that fill my heart with SO much JOY and have me wanting to stop and savor it for as long as I can, and that's where my camera comes in.

Instead of just walking by her room and noticing what she was doing real quick and then getting back to my to-do list right away, grabbing my camera allows me to truly STOP and move in closer to the moment, stand, sit, watch and then snap EVERYTHING that's making me smile.  

I LOVE having beautiful DSLR pictures, but for me, I can't always pull out my DSLR...and honestly, for me, snapping these everyday moments, editing them real quick (edited these in the PicTapGo app) after the moment happened, is SO much more important to me. 

Sure, some are blurry and the lighting can be off, but years down the road, I'm not gonna look at these and say, "Wow, the light is SO awesome in this picture OR, "Wow, look at how crisp those photos look!" Nope!!

I'm gonna look at them and then I'm gonna immediately remember the FEELING that this moment brought me and my kids are going to look at them and they're going to remember WHO they are and how they FELT in this moment, too! 

Which, for all of us, is and will be JOY!!

It's this JOY that I want to ALWAYS remember!!

And, my camera, be it my iPhone or DSLR, helps me be 100% present in the moment and helps me truly SAVOR the feeling I always wanna remember!! 

So, yeah, the technical rules are GREAT, but for me...

capturing the FEELing of the moment comes first.   

It's the JOY that comes first...and, if you really LOVE photography, then the technical rules are GREAT to learn, but, please, ALWAYS remember, it's the moment that matters most!!

It's too easy to get pulled into making the "perfect" picture, which, in the end, causes you to miss the FEELING of the moment that's making YOU smile (and trust me, I know this first hand...especially when I was first learning photography!)

But, what's really cool, and has happened for me, is that once you learn those technical rules, you won't even have to think much about them and you'll be well on your way back to capturing what lights UP your heart with love!!  

But even if you don't learn the "rules" of photography and continue to take pictures with your iPhone (which has been me for over a year), having any camera, without knowing any rules, is so GREAT, too,  because, again, it's all about SAVORING the FEELING of moments that LIGHT UP your heart with LOVE, so when you look back at them, you'll immediately remember all the JOY that filled your heart in that moment!! 

And that's the most awesome gift that camera's bring to us all and the main reason why I'm SO passionate about photography and taking pictures! 


Until next time, 

Slow down to savor what YOU love (through the lens)....even if it's crappy lighting or with your iphone...because it's the moment that matters most!!  ;) 


refresh yourself

We are back in the school routine these days, hooray!! 

But, I'll tell ya, after dropping C off for her first day, over a week ago, and then coming home with Lil' Bro, who started to play oh, so happily on his own, I sat down and thought, "Oh man, am I tired!"

Having two littles all day is definitely exhausting, but I never truly realize how much I'm "ON" all day long and night with both of them until they are separated (hence the lack of blog posts, too!). 

So, with adjusting getting back into our school schedule (we are NOT happy campers over here at 7 am!!) and me, just really needed to sit still, I took some time last week from posting my uplifting doodles and savoring the moment pictures on Instagram to refresh myself!

I'm still not 100% refreshed...7 am still isn't fun for us...yet (not sure if it will ever be! Ha!) and I could really use a few months to hibernate in a dark, cold, comfy bed room, quiet room and catch up on sleep (especially since the hubs was gone again last week for work!). 

But, the refresh myself break was SO needed and I'm going to make sure I keep it up, now that I officially get (about) two hours to myself, 5 days a week, for the next nine months (that is, if Lil' Bro still naps!).  

It's funny, because when I was a teacher and not a mom yet, I loved summer break and now, as a parent, I love the school year.  

Because, now, school is my biggest break I've had in 6 years and that break is helping to refresh my soul and and is helping me BE more of the calm, happy and present mama I SO wanna BE for my kids (but definitely still struggle with...especially at 7 am when I'm asking myself, "Am I gonna make it through this?" while my kiddos are fighting and whiney and not wanting to get ready because they're super tired!! Oh yeah!! Fun times! Ha!)


Until next time, 

Get YOUR creative calm on...because it easily calms the mind and soothes the soul so YOU can allow yourself to take a step back and refresh yourself in ways that will truly nourish your soul (something that's hard to do when your mind is running five miles ahead or behind the present moment)